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This is my word this week because I have had problems this week with two separate retailers.

First New Look. My daughter and I got some gift vouchers for Christmas. We decided to spend them online on boxing day to get some great sale item, which we did. On Monday 30th I received an email to say it had been dispatched. Friday the 3rd had still not had anything but was told to wait until the 7th. On the 7th I was told my parcel had been lost and I will be refunded onto another Giftcard within 10 days! My daughter is so gutted because she got 10 items in the sale but now she will only be able to get about 2 items 🙁

Next is Asda! I had my grocery order delivered to me but none of my frozen items were there. I called and they said they would get them re delivered to me the following morning. 12pm the next morning and still it had not come so I called them again. They said they never requested to get it re delivered. I said I would just take a refund instead. They told me I had been charged but would be refunded for the frozen items. One week later I received an email saying my refund is being processed and it should take 3-5 working days. I checked my bank and they had taken the full amount of £74.20 out! A week late! I called them up and they couldn’t care less. Saying they can take it out up to a month after. What If I had no money in the bank? I was told last week it had already been taken. They could have really messed me up. We are never shopping with them again.


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