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This week has been about my Daughters 13th birthday. Her birthday was on Sunday the 12th. We didn’t do a huge amount. She woke up in the morning and opened her presents and cards,  got herself ready and went out with friends for a couple of hours. In the afternoon we made her a little tea and we spent the evening playing on the wii and watching her One Direction dvd (which actually wasn’t all that bad)

Through the week she received late gifts and presents and we’ve been organising her birthday party for Sunday 19th. When I first looked at bowling it had a meal deal so was a bit of a bargain, but when I came to book it, the center is having some refurbishments so is doing no food! But luckily after a few phone calls I managed to sort it. They were still doing a little bit of food (luckily including what we wanted) but they told the main booking center that it was no food, just so they didn’t book people for something they didn’t have. Panic averted 🙂


If you would like to join in, here’s the link The Reading Residence

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