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This week my word is going to be exciting! We have had a bit of an exciting week because on Tuesday I was asked to stay and play at Nursery with Harry and we did lot’s of Christmas crafts. Harry was so excited that I was there and I was excited because I love watching him in his nursery.

I had and exciting delivery this week. Some lovely personalised Christmas cards from Printed.com and I have an exciting giveaway wih them that started today. You can enter here if you want 🙂

I am excited about my birthday tomorrow. Well not so much abut the day because OH is working tonight so wont be awake in the morning and he’s work my birthday night too so t will just be a regular day. I will have presents (about 3 of them) but I get down because lot’s of my family never bother to get me anything.

But I am excited about Sunday because we are going to my Dad and Step-mums for a beef roast dinner and we are going to see that is my birthday day.

I hope you have all had good weeks 🙂



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11 Responses to Word of the Week

  1. Have a very happy birthday, hope there’s some exciting surprises along the way too x #wotw

  2. David Ball says:

    Looking forward to Sunday! Don’t ask me what happened above as I have no idea! Xx

  3. Aaaàh how lovely that you got to stay and play with Harry at Nursery. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday for tomorrow and wishing you many more to come!xx

  4. Karen Bell says:

    Hope you have a lovely birthday. It must have been nice seeing Harry at nursery. #WoTW

  5. How lovely to spend time with Harry at his nursery. I do hope you have a lovely birthday weekend then x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  6. Louisa says:

    Happy birthday for tomorrow. I hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  7. I hope you have a fantastic birthday! Excited is a great word to use x #wotw

  8. Happy birthday! Have a nice one and a nice weekends as well. #wotw

  9. Kim Carberry says:

    I hope you have a great birthday!
    Exciting is a fab word! x

  10. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM) says:

    Great word of the week and happy birthday! Shame your actual birthday may not be anything special but Sunday sounds lovely so good for you for staying positive! Xx #wotw

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