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This week my word is PRODUCTIVE the OH and I have been very productive all week. We’ve painted the front room (the same colour) to freshen it up, decorated teens room, sorted files, thrown a lot of stuff away, had a fire to get rid of stuff and organised the pantry and a few cupboards.

We still have a bit more to do, but for now it feels great! Really all of this needed doing before Christmas but because we were constantly ill, it was just impossible.

Fingers crossed the bugs stay away so we can continue 🙂

I hope you have all had good weeks too.

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Hi, I am a SAHM to 4. Two teens, a preschooler and a baby. This is where I share some of our ups and downs of life.
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15 Responses to Word of the week

  1. twinderelmo2014 says:

    You really have been productive! We desperate need a fresh coat of paint everywhere but hub is away so much at the mo we have no chance x

  2. larabeeuk says:

    Wow! Good job! I feel exhausted just reading what you’ve done x

    Lovely positive word. #wotw

  3. redpeffer says:

    That’s a great word and very apt by the sounds of it-great way to kick off the New Year 🙂

  4. Louise says:

    Wow what a lot you’ve managed to get done this week. It’s always so satisfying to have a productive week. Hope the bugs stay away so you can keep up with it 🙂

  5. We have the same word this week!!! Being productive is such a great feeling isn’t it!

    Laura x x x


  6. Merlinda says:

    Wow its my dream to declutter! The house is so full of bits and bobs that I want to get rid of but we weren’t able to do this last holiday season and it just feels heavy to start the year with the same baggage. #wotw

  7. Sounds very productive indeed! Well done, you, and I hope those germs steer clear of you! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  8. Kim Carberry says:

    It sounds like a great week for you! Busy but very productive! x

  9. Dean B says:

    Productive is a great #wotw. Wish mine was that! Good luck and hope you get all things that needs to be done – done! 🙂

  10. Wow you have been very busy! It does feel good to get jobs ticked off x #WotW

  11. The L's Mum says:

    Wow very productive indeed. I need to be more productive next week, so much to do but I keep putting it off #WotW

  12. Wow go you, well done on all the productive things you have both managed to get done. I bet you’re smiling from ear to ear xx

  13. Wow!! well done. your hired?!? hehe

    Hope the bugs do stay away for you all too… feeling horrid over here xxxx

  14. Louisa says:

    You have been so busy. I bet it feels great. I have accomplished so much x

  15. Fingers crossed all those nasty germs stay away. I need to be a bit more productive this week and get some of those January jobs done!

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