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This week has been FRUSTRATING! We have been told by the CSA (child support agency) that we would be getting some money from the older children’s biological father this week. (They are 14 and 12 and he left when the youngest was 3 months. He hasn’t paid anything, up until last year for a few months and then stopped again so as you can imagine, he owes a lot!)
But I called today (it took 3 attempts and 15 minute wait each time) for them to tell me there has been a mistake with this months because of paperwork etc (I will spare you the details) so we are now getting nothing!

I am so frustrated! The kids were expecting it to buy some things they wanted. We had plans for the house. And a family day out. It’s so frustrating!

Also this week, my daughter been bullied on FaceBook. (I hate FaceBook but that’s a whole other post) she’s ok and it wasn’t hugely bad, but it could have been. Luckily I check my daughters page (it’s the rules of being allowed on) so I could spot it and put a stop to it. So as you can imagine that has been frustrating.

My phone line (house) has not worked for weeks! I called Sky and was told they would call me back, but have heard nothing. That has been frustrating in itself but also frustrating because I can’t keep calling them because that is using up too much of my Mobile/cell phone bill.

I hope next week is better.

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26 Responses to Word of the week!

  1. Laura says:

    Poor you. I think it’s really frustrating that some Dads seem to get away without paying any maintenance towards their children I really do 🙁

    Also I really like the idea of being allowed on your daughter’s page as a rule of her being allowed facebook. It’s a tough balance as they grow up I guess. I hope she’s ok following the bullying incident.

    Let’s hope next week is better for you xx

  2. Serotiny says:

    Thank goodness you check your Daughters Facebook and could put a stop to it, although this is still terrible at what ever level it happens.

    I do hope your CSA problems get resolved though it seems they have taken enough time to sort it already.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend and a better week next week.

  3. *Hugs*
    I’m so sorry to hear what a frustrating week you’ve had.
    It is beyond frustrating how their dad has gotten away without paying maintenance for so very long, it’s disgraceful!
    Oh gosh i hope your daughter is okay. It’s disgusting how people find it so acceptable to bully others.

    I hope you all have a good weekend and that next week will be a better week for you all!xx

  4. Karen Bell says:

    Oh no, it doesn’t sound like a good week, I hope things improve for you. x

  5. It does all sounds so frustrating. And I think in weeks like this, everything else gets on top of you, too. I do hope that things start improving soon xx Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  6. Oh no! What a week! I hope the bullying stops and your daughter is ok. Children can be so cruel xx #WotW

  7. Aaaah chick — you’ve had a horrible week eh? It made my hackles rise when I read that your daughter has been the victim of bullies.

    I was bullied at school for a number of years, by the same girl. It made me the strong willed woman I am today, that’s for sure. I don’t suffer fools gladly as a result.

    That said, I am incredibly grateful FB and other social media hadn’t been invented back then. I cannot imagine how upsetting that must be — for both your daughter and for you.

    Bullies beware if my boys ever get picked on when they go to school. They will have me to deal with!! I hope you have a good weekend and thing pick up next week xx #wotw

  8. Jayne@SMABL says:

    What a tough week you have had! Hope next week brings some positivity your way! x

  9. Awww such an awful week! I am with you in wishing next week will be better. #wotw

  10. Kim Carberry says:

    Oh dear….What a rubbish time you’ve had!
    So sorry your girl has had some troubles on Facebook….I hope it’s all sorted now!
    I have just started dealing with the CSA….My eldest girls dad is convinced he doesn’t have to pay now he doesn’t work…..He’s in for a shock. hehehe
    I hope next week is better for you x

  11. don’t even get me started about the CSA!!! I got told I’d have more luck winning the lottery than getting any money from the kids’ ‘dad’ and I’m pretty sure they shouldn’t be saying stuff like that!

    Maybe Sky are calling you on your non-functioning landline!!!

    As for the bullies …lucky she’s got you to sort them out xx

  12. It’s good to get it all off your chest & have a good rant. It sounds like you’ve had an awful week, tbh, no wonder you’re frustrated. And I absolutely HATE companies who leave you hanging on the phone, or expect you to call them when it costs mega-bucks per minute. It’s so unfair.
    Mine are too young for FB yet but it does scare me about how they’d manage. Oh honey, I hope next week it gets better for you – sounds like you deserve it xx

  13. mentalparentals says:

    Oh no! Sounds a nightmare week… I hope next week is better for you! X

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