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This week has been a difficult one filled with worry. We found out this week that our 13 year old daughter has been cutting herself 🙁

We have been so worried about her. Thankfully it was only the once and it is only surface cuts so she wont have any scaring. She has said she won’t do it again and she is now seeing the school counsellor (which she sorted out by herself)

It’s made us feel pretty rubbish as parents. We just keep saying over, did we do something wrong? Did we not listen to her enough? Could we have prevented it? I don’t know.

One thing I do know is that we are going to do everything in our power to help her get through whatever she is feeling and to tell her even more that we love her and will always be here for her, no matter what.

To have a positive end to the post she has been taking some great steps in the right direction. She has been writing and drawing posters about how bad cutting yourself is and ways to prevent it and who to turn to if you are feeling low. I am unbelievably proud of her for trying to get help and to think that she can help others too.

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Hi, I am a SAHM to 4. Two teens, a preschooler and a baby. This is where I share some of our ups and downs of life.
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