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This week was an easy one. My word without a doubt has to be PROM! Tonight is my daughters year 9 prom. I don’t agree with it only being year 9 but it’s because where we live, this is her last year at this school as she will be going to a new one in September.

Anyway we have heard nothing other than the prom this week. How she is having her hair, nails and make up. My MIL has had to alter her dress and we had to buy shoes. She wanted heels but she injured her ankle a couple of weeks ago. It’s feeling better now but because her dress needing altering, she had to buy shoes quickly so we knew where it needed altering so she had to go with flats. She has come around to the idea now and I think she will be praising the flat shoes on the night 🙂

I am doing her hair and nails because I am trained in them so there is no need to spend so much on someone else to do them. I’m not trained in make make up though and I hardly wear it so she will probably be doing that herself 🙂

If you follow my twitter and Instagram, I will be posting photos later of her in all her beauty!



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12 Responses to Word of the Week

  1. Grethe says:

    How exciting, I hope she has a fabulous time. I’ll look forward to your photos xx

  2. Hope she has a lovely time 🙂 x

  3. How exciting! I’ll be checking for photos of her looking gorgeous later xx

  4. Oh, how lovely! I hope she has a fabulous time, will look out for the photos 🙂 Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  5. Oh, lovely. I hope she has a great time! Look forward to seeing the photos 🙂

  6. How exciting, I hope she has a lovely time.

  7. Ooh can’t wait to see these. Bet you feel all strange seeing her look so grown up and gorgeous! xx #wotw

  8. I saw her photo in your FB and she looks fab! Hope she had the most fun prom ever! #wotw

  9. Kim Carberry says:

    Aww! I saw a photo on Instagram and she looked beautiful! I hope she had a fab time x

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