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So yesterday I had a big day. We started out the morning picking up a pushchair for Harry, then we went shopping. The bigger two were at school so it was just me, OH and Harry. While out shopping I was called by my Step- mum to say that my Dad had been rushed into hospital with chest pains. We finished our shopping and got in the car to go home and see how Dad is. But on the way home everything changed!

My lip started to go numb, my left arm started to go numb, I felt sick and dizzy. I told OH to stop the car so I could run out and take my coat off and get some air. I told OH that I felt really odd and I needed to get home quickly.

We got home and OH ordered me to bed. I tried to relax and have a sleep but I was getting shortness of breath and the numbness was getting worse so I called the doctors. The doctor asked to see me right away. My mum came to look after Harry and we set off. She did a few tests and do you know what the result was?

ANXIETY! Or a panic attack.

I still didn’t feel right and she could see that so she suggested I go to A&E to get properly checked over.

At A&E they checked me over and my Blood pressure was sky high and my ECG came back as rather fast. The doctors gave me some Diazepam and said they would let me home when my Blood pressure and heart rate is lowered. Well as they planned the Diazepam knocked me out for a while (20 mins) and I woke up feeling dazed and not so anxious. They checked me over again. My Blood pressure was still a little high but they let me go home.

At home I was ordered to bed to rest. I still kept panicking a little but not half as much. We told the kids they should have an early ish night so OH could come and cuddle me to sleep (he always makes me feel better)

And Iv’e woken this morning feeling much better but maybe a little silly. But yesterday I genuinely felt like something was happening to me I just kept thinking of the worst. Logically I knew I was ok but still I could not shake off the feeling that my body could be telling me something.

I think the stress over the past couple of weeks has not helped.

P.S my Dad is ok. Its not a heart attack but something muscular. He was sent home later the same day.


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