Word of the week! 

This week I have chosen NEW.

My daughter has started a new school. Here we have a highschool for years 7-9 and then college for years 10 until you either do GCSEs or continue for A levels. She started at the college. She’s got mixed feelings at the moment.

Harry is still at the same pre school but now he goes for two full days and a morning whereas before he just did two mornings so that’s very new. Sadly he doesn’t like it. Well I say that but he actually has a great time when there but still never wants go.

And yesterday we picked up our new kitchen 🙂 well new to us anyway. Our kitchen at the moment is a 30+ year old hand made kitchen which Tom has spruced up a bit like added bits like big draws and covered the doors and the oven is ancient and… Brown! I hate it.

Anyway Tom’s aunty has offered us her lovely and newish kitchen (as she’s having all new) with a big white (year and a half old) cooker and dishwasher (I am so excited about this) I can’t wait to get it in! We are buying brand new work tops though because our kitchen layouts are different so hers wouldn’t fit and ours are to fit the handmade kitchen, which are smaller than a normal kitchen.

And lastly we have been buying lots of lovely new baby clothes now we finally know we’re having a boy 🙂






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10 Responses to Word of the week! 

  1. Great word. Sounds like you’ve got nice exciting times ahead! x

  2. Jo Winwood says:

    Sounds like you’re having a busy time. Good luck with it all!

  3. Lovely word, exciting times. And I hope Harry settles soon.

  4. Lots of new! All exciting, too, and lovely news that you’ve a baby boy on the way x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  5. Kim Carberry says:

    Aww! Such a shame the kids are having mixed feelings about school. I hope things get better.
    Ohh that’s so exciting about the new kitchen and the baby clothes! Adorable x

  6. Oh Happy days with the new baby clothes and kitchen 🙂
    Hope your daughter and little man settle soon too.
    Have an awesome weekend x

  7. Helena says:

    Nesting is thoroughly enjoyable and buying bits for baby even more so. #WotW

  8. Exciting times ahead for you, how lovely!
    I do hope the drop off at pre school gets easier, I’m sure it will when things settle down, and how exciting to know you’re having a boy. That’s lovely
    Great word

  9. We are having issues with getting our son to school too, but once there he’s as happy as Larry. Hopefully it will get better as the term progresses.

  10. Karen says:

    A boy 🙂 how lovely!
    Hope your son and daughter settle down at school, change is always difficult for them.

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