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KITCHEN. This week my week is kitchen because as you may have read previously we have been putting in our new to us kitchen in and now I can finally say it’s all in!

I absolutely love it! The cooker is bigger and has a double oven so as you can imagine makes life so much simpler with 2 adults, 2 teens and a toddler to feed.

We finally have a dishwasher! We have never had a dishwasher so it is amazing! I imagine this will soon wear off and we will be arguing who’s turn it is to empty/fill it but for now it’s a lovely addition to the kitchen.

We have lots more cupboards than we had before and have even been able to get a lot of the pantry food in the cupboards so we can use the pantry for more ‘crap’ that’s always lying about.

The photo’s don’t do it justice because there isn’t a single time of the day when it’s not a working kitchen so I couldn’t get a perfect picture. We also have to paint some areas (the big yellow spot above the cooker) and do little bits and bobs but it’s all in finally.

kitchen 1 kitchen

Sorry for the poor quality photo’s but I wrote this last night and my battery had ran out so had to use the teens ipod to take the pics.

The units look like this





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18 Responses to Word of the Week

  1. Oh, lovely. It is so exciting having a new kitchen, with extra storage and dishwasher. It can really make a difference to family life. It looks fab!

  2. So pretty! Our new cooker is a double so I’m very excited! A dishwasher is life changing – seriously haha x

  3. Oh, I do love a new kitchen! Looks lovely and sounds so practical for you, too – perfect! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  4. Ooo lovely new kitchen! We’ve done ours but I’ve not written up my post yet!

  5. How lovely and yay to a dishwasher! I had one for the first time in our new kitchen 4 years ago and I love it 🙂

  6. Kim Carberry says:

    How exciting! It looks fantastic! I am so jealous of your dishwasher! I want one but have no where to fit it. lol

  7. Helena says:

    It’s bigger than ours and you’ve got a dishwasher too you lucky thing. #WoTW

  8. Stephanie says:

    It looks great – and I bet you’re glad to have a fully functioning kitchen back. Enjoy the dishwasher too 🙂 #wotw

  9. I love the colour of the facing wall; I love the splash of colour in the kitchen, it looks really homely. And yay to a dishwasher. We inherited on when we moved into our house and it’s an absolute godsend – more time for blogging! haha!

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