You are Beautiful!


My daughter is 13 and beautiful. Unfortunately she doesn’t think she is. Not many of her friends think they are which I think is very sad.

I don’t think some parents help either. Some of my daughters friends are allowed fake tans, fake eyelashes, fake nails, hair dyes, tattoos, body piercings etc

Well if you let your child have these things, they will think they need these things to look beautiful, when in fact they take away the beauty.

(I was recently told of a girl that had lots of these without her parents permission so I’m not judging all parents, I’m just referring to some that I have had contact with)

They also wear far too much make up! Some of her friends plaster it on and so did Courtney until we showed her that the spots she was trying to cover up were mostly there because of all the make up she puts on! We still have a bit of a battle because she still likes the bright lipstick and 1 inch thick mascara but its an improvement.

I tell her on a daily bases that she is beautiful inside and out and I hope that it sinks even when it looks like its falling on deaf ears.


I compiled this video together to show just how beautiful she is 🙂


Note how she thinks she’s ugly but many of these are selfies 🙂 


P.S I don’t think she’s sexy but the rest of the song is spot on!


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