Breo BagBuddy Review!


We were sent a Breo BagBuddy to review. It was sent to us because its an alternative to watches and I don’t wear watches so it’s perfect for me.

The problem with not wearing watches is that it is a pain when you need to check the time and you have to search in you handbag or pocket for your phone. Especially if it was raining.

But this is the perfect solution. You can either hang it on your bag (the hint is in the name) But you can also use it on other items, for instance I put ours on the pushchair.


It’s so small and lightweight that it was hardly noticeable, yet was easy to check the time when was needed 


When I first opened the box I expected it to be either just in the box or wrapped in a little bit of tissue paper but it came in a cute little drawstring bag. 


I think its great that it comes in a little bag because I can now get rid of the box but still have somewhere to keep it to travel to and from. Say if I fold up the pushchair in the boot, I can just pop the BagBuddy in the bag in my handbag or even hang it on my bag, I like having the choice. I think if I still used a changing bag I would hang it on that rather than the pushchair. 

The BagBuddy doesn’t just tell you the time or also has the date. It flashes from one to the other

It was really easy to set up too. I must say it was difficult at first but that’s because I tried to do it without the instructions 🙂 But as soon as I looked at them it was easy peasy! Just a couple of clicks and it was ready to go.




If this is the kind of product you would like or you would like some more information or to look at Breo’s other items you can here



This is not a sponsored post. I was sent this item to review but all words and opinions are my own

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