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Word of the Week

This week was an easy one. My word without a doubt has to be PROM! Tonight is my daughters year 9 prom. I don’t agree with it only being year 9 but it’s because where we live, this is her … Continue reading

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The price of proms

This Friday is my daughters prom, it’s only her year 9 prom but still a prom. Because it is only her year 9 prom, we have purposely tried not to spend too much and we have said that we will … Continue reading

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It’s not my fault!

We’ve heard those words far too often from our tween (soon to be teen) lately. It has been driving me insane! At school the system of warnings and telling’s off are known as ‘stages’ stage 1 being a little telling … Continue reading

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Saturday is caption day


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A night of dance!

Last night I went to a college in town to watch my daughter do a dance. I had no idea what it was, how much she was doing, if anything else was on etc.  It was £3 a ticket and … Continue reading

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Feeling guilty!

Lately I have found myself feeling guilty. Sometimes I feel sorry for my older two for me having Harry. I obviously do not regret having Harry and the kids love him, as he does them but sometimes I feel that … Continue reading

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My amazing trampolinist!

Last year my tween decided he wanted to start trampolining. We’re a bit scheptical because he’s joined other clubs and soon got bored, plus his best friend did trampolining so we thought it was just because of that. Anyway we … Continue reading

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Packed Lunch ideas for teens

My kids have always been good with packed lunches. It used to just be Sandwich 2 snacks (all healthy) Yogurt Fruit Drink In different varieties. Now however, they are fussy little sod’s! They’re often coming back with their lunches, going … Continue reading

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ShoutyKid 2 Book Review and Giveaway! 

Tween reviewed Shouty Kid a few months ago and loved it! So when he heard Shouty Kid 2 was out he was really excited and couldn’t wait to get reading when we were lucky enough to get sent it. The … Continue reading

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The Butterfly Club by Jacqueline Wilson Book Review 

We were recently sent The Butterfly Club to read. The blurb: Tina is a triplet, but she’s always been the odd one out. Her sisters Phil and Maddie are bigger and stronger and better at just about everything. Luckily, they … Continue reading

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