Don’t make boys play with dolls! 


Reading the title you may think I’m one of those ‘boys should be boys and girls should be girls’ type people? Well you would be wrong. I have a daughter and 3 sons. My daughter has played with dolls, dressed as a princess and painted her nails but she has also climbed trees, played with cars and pretended to be a pirate. My boys (two of them as the third one is only 14 weeks) do all the usual ‘boy things’ but I have a photo of my teen son (that I won’t show you for embarrassment) in his sisters princess dress and just the other week Harry was playing with a doll, pushchair and ironing board.


I definitely don’t think boys should be boys and girls should be girls, I dislike people that do think like that (I don’t hate them because I don’t have the time or energy to care what they think) but I also am not keen on the parents that seem to force that boys should do ‘girls’ things and wear pink and that girls should do ‘boys’ things. You know the ones that post it everywhere that their son is playing with a toy kitchen and have big long sentences how they’re bringing their boys up to be sensitive, kind, know how to cook etc. Well that’s great but I prefer to just let my children grow up how they want. There are boys that like ‘girls’ things but there are also boys that don’t like those things and you know what? Both kinds of boys are great.

And then there’s the parents with daughters that don’t seem to want their girls to be girls. They see a princess book about prince’s and they say how they want their girls to be strong, independent and to not want their girl/s to think they need a man. Well I would love my daughter to be a confident, intelligent and independent women. I don’t want her to think she NEEDS a man to make her happy BUT I also am quite happy for my young daughter to hope to find the right man to make her happy, to dream of a prince that will sweep her off her feet and make her feel like a princess. What is so wrong with that? It doesn’t mean she won’t be a strong independent women. Even they love to dream.


I believe that my children will all make their own choices in life (obviously with some guidance as they’re children) they don’t need it forcing upon them.

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4 Responses to Don’t make boys play with dolls! 

  1. I love this post,I’ve always let mine play with whatever they choose.My son loves Shopkins and my daughter is always dressed as Spider-Man or Batman.I think they should definitely be allowed to play with whichever toys take their fancy and it won’t have any bearing on them when they’re older.I grew up preferring He-Man to Barbie and was always on my bike with the boys but I actually quite like skirts and lipstick now

  2. RachelSwirl says:

    Let kids be kids and let them play with whatever they fancy. I will tell you this- my little boy greatly enjoys being a big brother as he does get to play with girls toys when nobody is looking… LOL

  3. Well written post lovely and you’re right they should just play with what they want, and I find that usually they will anyway! As usual a balance is the best way to be! Xx

  4. Oh I love this. Olivia loves being a princess yet she is fiercely strong and independent. My nephew asked for a baby and pram for Christmas and he got one. There is no right or wrong toy nor should anyone enforce this on children they should be free to play with whatever toys they want to regardless of gender xx

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