It’s come to that time, part 2!

It’s come to that time part 2
If you have been following my blog you will have read the conversation with my 10 yr old son in the bathroom and the awkward coversations. Well I have also had my fair share of akwardness (if that’s a word) from my almost 12 yr old daughter. For instance: We were sitting on the sofa with no-one around and she started a conversation which was not too bad at first, what is discharge? My boob’s bounce now! ,This boy really fancies me etc but then the conversation started to lead to sex! (arrrggghhh) She was saying they are going to be talking a bit more in depth about it at school and she wasn’t really looking forward to it because it’s embarrassing.Then she asked me the worst question EVER! What is it like to have sex? Omg what the hell do you say? I didn’t want to glamorise it but also didn’t want to lie because we like our children to have all the facts on questions they ask! So I said “It hurts at first, but then it does get better or we wouldn’t all do it! But it is only good when it’s with someone you truly love!” Luckily she took what I said well and said ” I’m not going to do it until I’m about 25!” THAT WILL WORK FOR ME 🙂

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