Jack at 4 months old

So as we were on holiday, I forgot to post that Jack was 4 months old on Wednesday. Well he was 16 weeks, he’s not 4 months until the 13th may. I never know if I should go by weeks or months. 

So our little man is 4 months old. He has become a character lately. He’s a lovely cuddly boy, especially with me and he’s such a happy smiley baby. Until he wants feeding then he will usually scream until he gets it 🙂 He feeds every 3 hours on the dot, even if he is asleep in the car, he will still wake for that next feed! Harry used to miss feeds if we were in the car, but not Jack. 

He’s a little piggy. As I said he feeds every 3 hours and he’s on hungry baby milk too. He’s started watching us eat and he smacks his lips. And everything he gets hold of goes straight in his mouth! No way am I weaning him yet though. 

He’s still got a tiny tooth coming. It’s not majorly affected him yet though. He does get grouchy now and again but a bit of calpol or teething gel always calms him. 

The other kids still adore him. The two teens love having holds and always say good morning to him. Harry is still besotted but is still very much overpowering, he just gets right in his face and cuddles him and is always so close but Jack adores him and smiles every time he sees him. 

Look at the love in their eyes, it just melts my heart. 

Jack is still a big trumpy bottom, it’s actually quite embarrassing when out because he is so loud! 

He’s still not rolled over or tried to but if you lay him down on the floor he does move about by kicking his legs. 

His sleeping at night is really good. Sometimes he will go from 9/10pm at night until 5/6am but mostly he will have a feed at 8pm and go to bed then wake at 2/3am and then back off until 6/7am 🙂 

I am still absolutely loving getting to know him. I love it when it’s only myself and Jack up and we can have cuddles and a chat, he can be a little chatter box at times. 

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Hi, I am a SAHM to 4. Two teens, a preschooler and a baby. This is where I share some of our ups and downs of life.
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  1. He’s such a gorgeous boy and sounds like a very good baby! It’s lovely that Jack adores him so much.

  2. RachelSwirl says:

    He is mega cute! Love all the stripy outfits x

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