Meatcure review


I was recently invited along to visit Meatcure in Leicester. They already have one place in Market Harborough and this is their second one.

The invite was for me +1 and because the OH was working, I invited my step mum Dawn.


When we first arrived we were asked if we would like prosecco or beer but because I am pregnant and Dawn was driving, we had lemonade (I think we were the only ones not drinking)


We were there just as it opened (keen) but I’m glad we did because we got a good seat of our choice and it soon got very busy!

We were greeted with lovely, friendly staff who were very helpful.

When we looked at the menu, we were so engrossed in the food we didn’t click on straight away that it has a fun movie theme

Then came the food! First up was the ROYALE with cheese

I can’t tell you how yummy this burger was. I could ave eaten several (if they weren’t so filling) The main parts I enjoyed (apart from the taste) was

  1. The burger bun is a Brioche. They’re known to be a bit sweeter but it complemented it perfectly and best of all, it kept it all in, no getting soaking hands and it going all mushy and everywhere, it was perfect.
  2. They use a large tomato and a perfect size lettuce so on your first bite, you get a taste of everything.

The only problem I had was I had to take of the pickle because I don’t like them but that’s it.

Next up was SMOKEY and the BANDIT

Dawn loved this one


but I was not so much a fan and that’s only because I don’t like smokey bacon and it was (for me) strong tasting. If I had taken the bacon off, I would ave it enjoyed it but the one burger stuffed me that I wrapped it up to take home 🙂

Again it was on a brioche and all the filling covers all the bun so you get a taste of everything on the first bite.

Next we had a chicken wing


This was so unusual. When I liked my fingers after touching it, it had a real kick to it but when I ate it, it wasn’t spicy at all. It did however tasted really yummy.

Last but not least (there apparently was a fish burger and a chicken burger but we couldn’t possibly fit anything else in) we had ribs


I was so full but I ate all of this and could have easily munched on loads. It just fell of the bone and tasted so scrummy!

I would highly recommend visiting, it was such a great place. I will definitely be revisiting again soon.


*I was invited along and given food and drink free of charge but all words and opinions are my own.



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