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At the moment we love in a 3 bed dormer bungalow. Teen daughter has her own room, teen son and Harry share and Jack is in with us. This is OK for now but is not going to last long so we’re in the process of getting a 4 bed house because both teens are at the age where they need their own room (if they were the same-sex they would share).

When we move, because Harry has always shared, I wouldn’t like him to suddenly have his own room so we’re planning on him having a lovely new room with Jack. I actually cant’t wait for the boys to share.

When he shared with teen son it was so difficult to make a nice room to accommodate both their needs as one wanted toy storage while the other no longer has toys and Harry wanted a night light and the teen wanted more of a lamp, so I’m looking forward to doing a room that is perfect for two children closer in age. I’ve been taking a look at Homify and they have some beautiful nursery ideas I know Harry being 3 doesn’t need a nursery but Jack only being 11 weeks does so I’d like to incorporate that into the room. Almost like a nursery and a ‘big boys’ room that fit perfectly together.

My top favourite items are


  1. Tidy Books Bookcase – £149.50
  2. White Crompton Bed – £185.00
  3. Newport Wardrobe – £59.99
  4. Grobag – £20.99
  5. Transport bedding – £8.99
  6. Aspley Cot – £55.20
  7. Bookends – £9.65
  8. Lampshade – £29

I think I like the idea of white walls and mainly white furniture (or wood) and injecting colour with the accessories because as the children get older they will want a more grown up style but if you go quite simple with the furniture (the most expensive items)  it can grow with them and you can just change the curtains, bedding and accessories, easy!

I intend to do the same with the two teenagers in their rooms. I will buy both a white bed (teen son already has a new white bunk bed) a white wardrobe and white desk (or wood in the bed, wardrobe and desk) and then inject colour of their choice with lots of accessories. I tend to like more quirky pieces.

The teens can’t wait! Teen daughter is planning on a room where she can relax (or chillax as they call it) and a quiet space for getting homework done and revising for exams. Teen son is not thinking anything as sensible like that, he wants a gaming room with a bed to sleep 🙂 he’s thinking bed and wardrobe because he has to have those and then he wants a desk (I think a TV stand would be better) with a TV, games console, games, headphones etc and a gaming chair.

I love decorating room’s and I can’t wait t get started on the kids rooms. Teen daughter would like red in her room and teen son would like green and black. They’re would not be my first choices of colours but what can you do?

 Also check out this post for more ideas! 


*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with homify.





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