Silver Cross (Wish Upon a Star) Sleeping bag Review  

Premium 100% pure cotton to keep baby at a comfortable temperature 

Creates a safer sleeping environment – no blankets to wriggle under

No covers to kick off for a better night’s sleep

Cosy 100% cotton jersey lining keeps baby snug and secure

Shoulder poppers and zips for easy night time changes

Prevents little feet from getting stuck between cot bars

Allows free movement of arms and legs

Presented on a lovely solid wood Silver Cross hanger

This sleepsuit is Size 0-6 months | Minimum child weight: 4kg/8.8lb | Maximum child length: 68cm/27in

2.5 tog for use all-year-round in standard room temperature (16-20C/61-88F) | Machine washable (40C)

So as it says this sleepsuit is for all year round weather. I wasn’t so sure about this but as we live in England and the weather is never the same, I’ve had a good week or so to test this 🙂 it’s been really hot and we’ve needed the windows open and then it’s been quite cold at night. Jack has worn the sleepsuit every night and it’s been perfect. The only thing I’ve changed is what he’s worn. So far he’s only worn vests, either long sleeved or short sleeved and in winter I’ll put him in a sleepsuit too. 

As Jack is still a baby, he still wakes through the night so the one feature I love about the sleeping bag is when he wakes I can just pick him up still wearing it. I can feed him wearing it, change him by just unzipping it (but leaving the poppers done up around his chest) zip him back up and then place him back in bed And he is hardly disturbed. Meaning I get a little extra sleep 🙂

This is him at 5am after a feed and change 

Since wearing it he has slept through a lot better because he is always kicking his legs up, blankets were always coming off which woke him up. 

Now he usually sleeps (it’s still not regular) from about 8/9pm until 4/5am which I am more than happy with, especially when he usually goes back to bed (on the days the preschooler doesn’t get up) 

And because Jack is a baby, it didn’t take him long to be sick on the sleeping bag so we’ve already had to was it. I love that it was machine washable because no one has time to hand wash. I’m delighted that it came out of the washing machine perfect and when dried it looked just like it had when first received. 

This was in the middle of the night with the flash on 

You can purchase this sleeping bag on the Silver Cross website for £30. I think that is a brilliant price as I’ve paid more for one with exactly the same standard. I highly recommend this, it’s lovely. 

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Instagram @silvercrossuk

With thanks to @neatpr 

*We were sent this sleeping bag for review but all opinions are honest and my own. 

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