SnoozeShade Review! 

Just before we went on holiday we were sent a SnoozeShade. As the weather had been so rubbish we were going to leave it until we got back home but we decided to take it just in case and I am so glad we did, we used it loads! 

We had a day out to the seal sanctuary and it was so hot and sunny. We got the SnoozeShade out and It literally took 2 minutes to work it out and put it on. 

Jack wasn’t a fan at first

But as soon as we starting moving again he calmed down

And then another 3 minutes later, he was fast asleep! 

Normally we would have to think about where we walked so as not to get the sun in his eyes but with this we didn’t have to, we were free to enjoy our day. 

I found it also made him sleep a lot longer than he would normally too. 

We didn’t just use it as a sunshade either, we used it in the evenings while Harry was watching the character shows. It obviously didn’t keep the noise out but I think it did a little bit and it stopped the lights flashing in his eyes. We didn’t use it one evening and he was awake for hours, the other nights we used it, he stayed asleep through most of it. 


Universal fit baby sunshade and blackout blind for single prams, carrycots, pushchairs, buggies, strollers & travel systems with hoods

This versatile pram cover protects young skin from the sun (blocks 99% of UV) and helps baby sleep on-the-go

Use from birth it helps you get out of the house while your little one has a restful snooze

Easier, safer and better than a parasol, blanket or muslin to create shade and protects baby from wind, chill, insects and light rain
Made from air-permeable mesh it is small and lightweight and attaches easily with Velcro straps and elasticated sides

We love the SnoozeShade and will be using it lots because as it says, it’s not just a sunshade, it can be used for lots of other uses. I think it would be the perfect companion abroad. It’s so easy to store away too, it’s very light and can be folded down small. 

The SnoozeShade is available on Amazon for £18 with free delivery. I highly recommend it. If I had only borrowed this for a day, I would be buying it the very next day. 
*We were sent this SnoozeShade for the purposes of review but all opinions are my own and honest. 

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