Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad Boardgame Review and Giveaway! 

Careful now … you can tiptoe about, working your way around each noisy hazard, but whatever you do …  SSHH! Don’t Wake Dad!

Here’s another brilliant electronic board game from Drumond Park – the highly entertaining SSHH! Don’t Wake Dad! (rrp £22.99, for 2 to 4 players, age 5+). The central figure in this novel new game is a ‘Dad’ who snores loudly (yes, really!) throughout the game.  And wait for it… he jumps bolt upright from his bed when he’s woken from his sleep by mischievous children on their way to find treats!

The aim of the game is for young players to make their hungry way along a truly hazardous route from their own beds around – and even right over! – Dad, who is sleeping in the middle of the board.  They’re all racing to reach the kitchen fridge – where a slice of tempting chocolate cake awaits. But on their way across the board, they have to avoid landing on the howling cat, the tinkling bell and the hooting owl… That’s because if one of them wakes the slumberous Dad from his dreams – Aaghh!!, he’ll rise up with a start and staring eyes… and send them scurrying back down the board – to where they left their slippers!


Harry loves this game! As it’s for ages 5+ so I thought it would be a bit of a hassle to play with him as he’s only 3 1/2 but actually it was really fun as he understood more than I anticipated. He understands where you start and where you have to finish (we’ve never actually got to the end before as Harry has beat me every single time) When it’s his turn I have to tell him which place to move his counter to and then we look together to see if he has the card that he landed on. He does understand because he cheers if he has got the card and he doesn’t have to press the alarm clock which could wake dad. And when he does have to press it, I tell him the number and he press’ it and counts himself. It’s such a fun game that even the teenagers have wanted to play it with him too 🙂


If you would like to play this game to then enter my giveaway as you may be the lucky winner 🙂


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111 Responses to Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad Boardgame Review and Giveaway! 

  1. Emma says:

    Ooh sounds good fun xx

  2. Sam Goodwin says:


  3. kim neville says:

    i liked Cluedo

  4. Tracy Nixon says:

    I love Cluedo and Game of Life!

  5. sharon martin says:

    loved mousetrap

  6. Michelle O'Neill says:

    the game of life

  7. Paula Readings says:

    We played Ludo a lot.

  8. Hayley F says:

    Monopoly x

  9. winnie says:

    go for broke

  10. laura banks says:

    i liked a game called perfection

  11. Susan Smith says:

    Chinese skipping

  12. Chrissie Curtis says:

    Guess Who!

  13. Chantelle Binge says:


  14. I loved playing ker-plunk although it took an age to put together.

  15. ashleigh allan says:

    game of life

  16. aaron broad says:

    Monopoly is good

  17. Tracy Newton says:

    I loved Connect 4

  18. Liam Bishop says:

    The Game of Life!

  19. jules eley says:

    I loved and still do love Monopoly

  20. Michaela Hannah says:

    Mouse trap – only so i could set off the trap! i wasn’t really interested in the rest he he x

  21. Christine Caple says:

    I loved Twister

  22. Chris Andrews says:

    What was your favourite game to play as a child? . . . . . scrabble – and it’s still a favourite

  23. Tony Metcalf says:


  24. Nuno Santos says:


  25. Duarte says:

    Monopoly 😀

  26. Angela McDonald says:

    I loved to play Mouse Trap as a child!

  27. STACY SORRELL says:

    mousetrap x

  28. Samantha Loughlin says:

    Connect four

  29. Vitor Pimenta says:


  30. Ema J Lowe says:

    the game of life

  31. Ruth Harwood says:

    We always loved Cluedo if we weren’t playing cards 🙂

  32. Kim Styles says:

    Great Game of Britain

  33. Beky Austerberry says:


  34. Fiona R says:

    I loved playing Cluedo 🙂

  35. Margaret Clarkson says:


  36. claire woods says:


  37. lynn heath says:

    In the summer we would spend hours playing 99 in!

  38. Chelsey Hollings says:


  39. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    I liked playing the game of life

  40. Monica Gilbert says:

    Candy Land when really young, then Clue and Connect 4.

  41. Sy Silva says:


  42. Matt McAndrew says:

    We loved Frustration!

  43. iain maciver says:


  44. Duarte says:

    IS this open worldwide?

  45. jackie curran says:

    mine was frustration

  46. Natalie Crossan says:

    Monopoly x

  47. BECCA STAPLES says:

    I loved downfall and frustration x

  48. Vicki says:

    Operation without a doubt!

  49. HUNGRY HIPPO’S i loved it!

  50. Jo Hutchinson says:

    I loved playing hungry hippos

  51. kimberley ryan says:

    I really loved to play MouseTrap

  52. Alice OConnor says:

    Game of Life!

  53. Rebecca Taylor says:


  54. Cheryl Price says:

    I loved mousetrap, but took so long to put together!!

  55. laura bryant says:


  56. sarah clegg says:

    guess who 🙂

  57. Jemma Dwyer says:

    Monopoly 😀

  58. gemma brown says:

    operation 🙂

  59. Keith Hunt says:

    My old 1970s Mouse Trap

  60. amy bondoc says:

    i loved playing cleudo 🙂

  61. Deborah G. says:

    I liked the Game of Life!

  62. Susan B says:

    My favourite board game was snakes and ladders and we still enjoy it even now.

  63. Katie leavy says:

    Loved a simple game of marbles or jacks but grew up on connect 4 and twister classics

  64. Melissa Crowe says:


  65. James McLaughlin says:

    Ghost castle

  66. Rachel Craig says:

    Game of Life.

  67. Victoria Prince says:

    I always loved Mousetrap – but never owned it so used to love the days at school we were allowed to bring games in and someone would always bring Mousetrap!

  68. Adrian Bold says:


  69. Jade Hewlett says:


  70. Lindsay Newbery-Buckley says:


  71. kim tanner-hill says:

    Mouse trap and rounders

  72. Sheri Darby says:


  73. Dale Dow says:


  74. Nicola McC says:

    Monopoly….but everyone else in my family hated it!

  75. Lucy Irving says:


  76. Sadiyya maryam says:

    Monopoly was my favourite.

  77. stephen smith says:

    loved frustration

  78. Jean Vaughan says:


  79. Louise ryves says:

    I loved playing the game of life

  80. Jill Fairbanks says:

    It was cluedo

  81. Kirsty Sparks says:

    Cluedo 🙂

  82. Rebecca Austin says:

    I love Mousetrap. Lovely giveaway – thanks

  83. Karen Laing says:

    I always loved Monopoly,but as I’m now in my fifties,there wasn’t the same wonderful range of games that there are now.I’m so glad I’ve now got grandchildren who love games as there are so many fabulous ones out there.They got Pie Face at Christmas and I’ve never laughed so much at a game.Thanks for the great competition,I just hope I’m lucky and will soon have a new game to add to grandma’s game cupboard x

  84. Katie says:

    Monopoly I still play it to this day

  85. nicola ithell says:

    I loved playing Kerplunk with my family as a child. We had a family games night once a week and loved it when we all got together. I do it myself now with my children.

  86. Emma Sykes says:

    My favourite game as a child was dream phone! My brother hated playing with me,lol

  87. Simone says:


  88. sabrina fancy says:


  89. Kelly Ellen Hirst says:


  90. Rebecca whale says:

    I loved playing a game called hotel

  91. Caroline Smith says:

    Guess Who – these days there’s about 10 different versions!!

  92. sallyann Johnston says:

    Sounds alot of fun! I loved playing Buckaroo as a child & my children love playing games too! Better than TV & all the gadgets nowadays x x

  93. Claire Ward says:


  94. Emma Whittaker says:

    My favorite was The Game of Life 🙂

  95. Meena Hindmarch says:


  96. Laura Pritchard says:

    I loved Heroquest.

  97. Saz Palmer says:

    Hungry Hippos 🙂

  98. Joleen Mccloskey says:

    Snakes and ladders

  99. steven beasley says:


  100. Katie says:

    Guess Who! 🙂

  101. Jennifer Stevenson says:


  102. Pennie Riley says:


  103. Jennifer Odell says:

    Connect 4 🙂

  104. Sophie Boatman says:


  105. Leanne Bells says:

    Hungry Hippo’s was one of my most favourite x

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