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What better way can you think of to decorate your home or commercial space than by installing beautifully designed and tapered topiaries? Our wide range of artsy, creative and breathtaking topiaries are just what you need to give almost any space a vibrant and visually pleasing vibe. These large topiary frames are available in various interesting shapes and sizes including cones, spiral, and balls. Here’s everything you need to know about these globally popularly topiaries for both indoors and outdoors landscape needs:

Can Be Installed In A Wide Range Of Settings

The topiaries are such classy, stylish and sophisticated landscaping products that they can be installed in a wide range of indoors and outdoors settings. Here’s a list of places that the topiaries are popularly installed in:

• Art galleries, museums, hospitals, luxury boutiques, luxury villas, spas, and salons are some of the places where the large topiary frames are installed.

• Corporate buildings, government buildings, parking lots of tourist sites, offices, coffee shops, restaurants, five-star hotels and resorts are some other places where the topiaries are often installed.

• Animal topiary forms are popularly installed in water parks, theme parks, amusement parks, children’s gardens, public gardens, school areas and other such places.

Cone Topiaries For The Festive Season

The cone topiaries are particularly popular for people looking to decorate their homes, commercial spaces, and outdoor areas during the festive season. There are some cone topiaries that resemble Christmas trees and are ideal for window displays, home décor, or even to decorate and bring about a Christmas like the vibe in your commercial space.

Spiral Topiaries For A Classy And Artsy Décor

The spiral topiaries have a very sophisticated, classy and upscale vibe about them. These topiaries are ideal for landscapes installed in corporate offices, government buildings, heritage sites, museums, art galleries and high-end boutiques.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

The artificial topiaries are ideal for all kinds of landscapes because these products are very easy to clean and maintain. Unlike real topiaries that constantly grow and require trimming and cutting, the faux topiaries will give you no such troubles. These topiaries can also be cleaned with a simple spray of water and do not require professional attention and care that can only be provided by a gardener or botanist.

Available In A Wide Range Of Varieties

Another excellent benefit of the topiaries is that these gorgeous and artistic landscaping products are available in a wide range of varieties for you to choose from. The topiaries can be selected in azaleas, junipers, boxwoods, ivies and pearl grass plants. While some of the topiaries such as the azaleas have beautiful and brightly colored flowers on them, the others have lush green and realistic leaves that will fool even the most trained eyes into believing that they are real.

PermaLeaf® Technology For Weatherproof Topiaries

At the time of manufacturing, the PermaLeaf® technology is used to ensure that the topiaries are weatherproof. Certain UV stabilizers and high-grade color pigments are impregnated into the raw materials of the product. These stabilizers and pigments make the finished product completely weatherproof and tolerant of all climates. The topiaries can be installed in excessive sunlight, or can even be exposed to heavy rain and snow, but they will not lose their color or fade or even start deteriorating.

ThermaLeaf® Technology For Fire Retardant Topiaries

People are often very skeptical about installing artificial topiaries and plants in their homes, offices and commercial spaces because artificial landscaping products are known to be susceptible to fires. However, in the case of these topiaries, you need not worry about your space going up in flames. Special fire retardant chemicals are impregnated into the raw materials of the plants at the time of manufacturing. This technology used to make the plant’s fire retardant is known as the ThermaLeaf® technology and will guarantee the safety of the surroundings that the topiaries are installed in.

Affordable And Cost Effective

While creating real topiaries can prove to be an extremely expensive process, one need not worry about high costs in the case of the faux topiaries. The real topiaries need professionals to properly cut, wire and shape the plants and the hiring of such professionals alone can burn a hole through your pocket. The faux topiaries, on the other hand, do not require any professional maintenance and are also very affordably priced. An entire building’s landscape can be completed with the faux topiaries cost-effectively.

Easy Installation Process

The artificial topiaries are extremely light in weight, thus making the installation process also very easy and simple. You do not need to hire a landscape artist or a team of laborers to get the installation job done. One or two people are more than enough to install the topiaries without any hassles. For individuals who are constantly on tight schedules and prefer to have a professional complete the installation job, the manufacturers and sellers of the topiaries have a team of skilled installers and professionals who will complete your entire landscape for you based on your requirement.

Sturdy And Durable Topiaries

The artificial topiaries are very sturdy and durable. They can last for years on end without fading, deteriorating or getting spoiled. Further, those individuals who wish to use the topiaries seasonally or only for a particular period can also do so because these artificial landscaping products have a very long shelf life. When not in use the topiaries can be stored away in a proper storage unit until they are required again for a festival or event.

Individuals looking to redecorate their homes, offices or commercial spaces, these classy, sophisticated and stylish topiaries are the perfect way to begin your makeover. Even if you are not looking to redecorate, these gorgeous and artsy topiaries are reason enough to consider revamping your space. So, place your order for the topiaries today and give your home or office the makeover that you have always dreamt of giving it.


Revamp and give your home, office space or commercial space a lush green, artsy and creative vibe with the installation of these artificial topiaries.

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