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Wicked Wednesday

Harry has taken to getting in anything that is new for Jack. He got in the Jumperoo the other day too. P.s Also note all the crap on the sofa and floor  because it’s the school holidays *rolls eyes*  

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Wicked Wednesday

When you’re on a lovely day out with your children and some ducks come up to you and you say “Walk up to the ducks, they won’t hurt you” and then this happens…. Oops! 🙂  

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Wicked Wednesday

When you try and do a face swap with your preschooler and Thomas gets in on the action 🙂  

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Wicked Wednesday

When you’ve had a really rushed morning that you haven’t had time for breakfast and just as you’re about to leave the house to take your 3 year old to preschool, he decides that is the time to swing on … Continue reading

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Wicked Wednesday

Embarrassed much? Hahahahaha

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Wicked Wednesdays

Trying to take a lovely photo and then before you post it you spot The big bar of galaxy chocolate on the bed next to you The glasses, bottles, wipes etc on the bedside table The bag of rubbish hanging … Continue reading

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Wicked Wednesday

On holiday and having a lovely evening stroll so you decide to take some pictures. It’s all going well   Until your toddler falls over and your teen daughter finds it hilarious And because she’s laughing so much your toddler … Continue reading

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wicked Wednesday

Yes he is too close to the TV but it’s giving me 10 minutes peace 🙂        

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