Things to look forward to, or not!

When I hear people with babies or toddlers moaning about how tough it is, I want to say “really? Try having two hormonal, mardy arse, disgusting pre-teens in the house!”. These are just a few of the thing’s I have to deal with on a daily basis!


  1. Hearing “ssshhh, ssshhh” Because one of their TV shows is on that I have already seen 50 bloody times! 
  2. No matter how desperate you are for the loo, you have to check first because I live in a house with animals that like to play ‘let’s see how much we can piss on and around the toilet!’
  3. And having to check if there is any loo roll in there before you go! (They are obviously eating it because they are clearly not wiping the loo seat!)
  4. Having to listen to “I might just kill myself” 10 times a day!
  5. Having to only enter there bedroom’s with 10 black sacks (1? yeah right!) rubber gloves and a face mask! For the inevitable mouldy food, shit stained pants and something’s, I’m unsure what they were!
  6. Having to buy food as if 4 adults were in the house! Expensive buggers
  7. Girls go through deodorant like it’s going to go out of fashion (Iv’e got a few bruises where the smell has punched me in the face from opening the bedroom door)
  8. Boys on the other hand need reminding what deodorant is (Iv’e also got a few bruises where the BO smell has smacked me in  the face)
  9. You may have had a difficult day and want to cry but nothing I mean NOTHING is as bad as they have had it at school (obviously)
  10. And of course the constant arguing over the stupidest things. And having to have the last word!
  11. Having to except that you will never again have any nice jewellery, make up, perfume (anything your daughter can use) to yourself!

About teentweentoddler

Hi, I am a SAHM to 4. Two teens, a preschooler and a baby. This is where I share some of our ups and downs of life.
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