Warner Bros Studio Tour – The Goblet of Fire

We were kindly invited along to Warner Bros Studio Tour in London to see their special feature The Goblet of Fire running until the 23rd September.

It was hands down the best day. I’ve been twice before but every visit just gets better as they add more items. This was definitely the best visit yet. As I was invited, I was treated to some extras and they made the day that little bit extra special. We were given

Lanyards and guidebooks

Food and Drink

A Butterbeer Ice Cream

A photo Experience (we chose the Hogwarts Express but their is also the flying Ford Anglia or a broomstick)

And to top it off we got a chocolate frog at the end

How brilliant is that?

The tour is so brilliant and like I said before gets better every time you go. Not only do they like to add new items but you also spot things that were there before but you missed because there is so much. I was going to add what parts were my favourite but I really can’t choose, I just loved it all.

If you have been thinking of booking I highly recommend you book this Goblet of Fire special because it truly was special. We got to see the goblet of fire (the one used in the film) and a special effects one that showed us how the parchment with the champions’ names on were expelled from the goblet and we also got a parchment with Harrys name on to take home. We got to see the Triwizard Cup, the amazing taps from the prefects bathroom, the golden egg, the boot portkey (that we somehow missed) and Tom Riddles grave. This is all in addition to the rest of the amazing tour.

I could talk about it all day but I think I’ll leave you with some photos from our day.

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11 Responses to Warner Bros Studio Tour – The Goblet of Fire

  1. I’ve never watched or read an entire Harry Potter so this would be a bit lost on me but we’ve said to our eldest that if she reads a few books then we’ll take her. Looks like you had a great time x

  2. We visited Warner Bros and it’s such a brilliant tour! Everyone should go

  3. Laura Dove says:

    My eldest would love this! I haven’t seen the films or read the books, but I do like the look of those hot dogs!

  4. Janet says:

    You didn’t end up with beards like Fred and George I see! It looks like fantastic fun that my whole family would love.

  5. Jenni says:

    We’ve only been once before but we loved it. But I will have to try to see if we can plan a visit before this ends.

  6. This looks amazing and I can’t believe I have never been, though my daughter is going there on a school trip next week (how lucky is she). One day I will get there, one day x

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