Fireplace Makeover

We’ve decorated the front room a few times in the time we’ve lived here but it’s never been just right because of the fireplace. I’m not even sure it’s the whole fireplace iv’e hated but just the fire, either way I don’t like it!

Anyway the other day the gas man was here doing his yearly check and we told him about hating it, so he called the landlord to ask if he could take it out and he said yes! I was so flipping excited 🙂

It didn’t look great gone, but a whole lot better than if it was there!


We’ve discussed many times what we would like to do if the fire ever went and because the OH is so talented he came up with the idea of boarding it up so he got to work


Of course with the help of Jordan 🙂

We think it looks great now and a lot better than it did


Sorry for the poor photo.

But now we are stuck as what to do. We are going to decorate the front room a final time soon but were unsure as to whether we paint it the color as the walls or wallpaper it the same as above it (we are changing the wallpaper) what do you think? Do you have any suggestions? All comments are welcome 🙂


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