Saturday is caption day!

A trip to a Farm Park earlier this week. Harry loved this little piglet  :)





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Word of the Week

This week my word is CHANGE. This is for three reasons, the first one being, as I said last week the older two kids were supposed to be starting school yesterday but I got a text earlier in the week to say they start back on Tuesday next week now. I was so annoyed because I had prepared all week to get ready and to be honest I was totally ready for them to start back, they’re starting to drive me insane!

The second change is in my gestational diabetes readings. They were awful and really high no matter how hard I tried but since being on the pills, they have changed for the better. I’ve even had a few treats and they have still been good :)

The third being we have had no hospital/doctor/midwife appointments, finally! It makes a massive change to the appointments 5 weeks in a row.

A short one from me this week but I think they all will be short from now because with baby brain I’m either forgetting the day or what happened :)

The Reading Residence
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Sweet treats from The Treat Kitchen


We’re huge fans of sweets in this house, I would say more so than chocolate (apart from the OH) so when we were asked to review some from The Treat Kitchen we were super eager to and when we saw that they were local, we were even more excited!

The Foundations

Martin and Jess Barnett have spent the past three years living in Australia where Martin worked for Australia’s largest retail group as a confectionery buyer and Jess worked for RMIT University. Following the birth of their son Max in February this year they decided to return home to be near family and friends. They decided to act on a dream that they had been forming for some time, opening their own confectionery store.

Martin has been involved in retail all his working life, starting out selling sweets from a market stall with his dad. Later in life Martin started working as a buyer and merchandiser going on to work for several major retailers both in the UK and overseas.

Confectionery is part of his family history. The Barnett family have two confectionery factories in Nottingham; the oldest was opened back in the 1890s. Jess has worked in administration and marketing for over eight years and has picked up valuable skills along the way.

Martin and Jess both have a passion for retail and have spent the last few years observing different retail success stories and now hope to create one of their own.

We were sent a lovely selection from their huge range


We had…

  • Shrimps
  • Radioactive sour Rhubarb Sours
  • Coconut Hearts
  • Blueberry Pie Jelly Beans
  • Sugar Free Sherbert Lemons

Our thoughts

The shrimps first. This are very different to the usual shrimps you can buy. Firstly they have a lot more flavour, it hits as soon as you put it in your mouth and the texture is different. The usual ones are quite foamy and melt in the mouth almost but these are more squidgy. I prefer the normal version to these but all my family and my Dad and Step Mum think these are better.

The Coconut hearts. I am not a fan of coconut so haven’t tried them but the kids and my dad have and they all think they’re yummy. It’s funny because the people that don’t like coconut ave all sad they taste really strong of coconut and the people that do like ithave said that it doesn’t really taste of coconut. All have said one thing though and that they are bursting with flavour.

The Blueberry pie Jelly beans. These are the favourite in the house. We all love Jelly beans from a well known company so was concerned these wouldn’t live up to our taste buds but they exceeded our expectations. They are really tasty and again bursting with flavour and thy were all eaten very quickly (like 5 minutes)

The sugar free Sherbert Lemons. These I was very excited about. I have gestational diabetes so can’t have sweets so was really sad when I thought I might not be able to enjoy all these sweets. But then these arrived! Sherbert lemons are by far my favourite boiled sweets and being sugar free I thought they’re probably going to let me down but honesty if I didn’t read the packaging, no way would I have guessed they were sugar free. they taste amazing and exactly like you would expect. I am definitely going to order some more of these so I can have a treat still. I have no idea how they make them taste so nice and not have sugar in them. Even the sherbert inside tastes amazing and again, you would never guess they were sugar free.

Now we’re onto the Radioactive Sour Rhubarb Sours. I didn’t try them (obviously I can’t with the diabetes and I didn’t just wimp out 😉 ) Both my Dad and Step mum couldn’t keep them in their mouths longer than 30 seconds. I wish I had filmed them because it was hilarious but I didn’t record the two teens :)

My son first. He was adamant that they wouldn’t bother him. His exact words were “Sour sweets just don’t affect me any more” But I said I needed to record him still, just to show everyone that they’re not that bad, and I am so glad I did :)

And now my daughter. It didn’t seem to affect her as much but still did a bit :)

All in all I would definitely recommend you visit the treat kitchen :)

*We were sent a selection of sweets free of charge for the purposes of a review but all words and opinions are honest and my own.

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Dork Diaries- Once upon a Dork Book Review

download (1)


My daughter is a big fan of these collection of books and has reviewed a few different ones in the past. She was recently sent the new one Dork Diaries Once Upon a Dork and she was eager to get reading, in fact it only took her about two days (not full days) to read it.

The blurb 

After a bump on the head, Nikki has a wild dream in which she, her BFF’s Chloe and Zoey, her crush Brandon, and mean girl Mackenzie all end up playing the roles of some familiar classic fairy tale characters. Will Nikki’s dream turn into a nightmare?

Teens thoughts

I really enjoyed this book, like I have all the others in the collection. I do think this one maybe made me laugh a bit more than the others. If you’re a fan of this collection, you will like this one too with all the same familiar characters but as you’ve never seen them before. It’s a different story but somehow similar to the other books which makes it more fun I think. I give it a 5/5 and would recommend it.


This book is available from Amazon at a bargainprice of £3.85! Just press on the phto to be taken directly to the store :)

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18 week bump update!


Sorry for the blurry pic, my app did that for some reason.

So 18 weeks! It feels like a lot longer but it is going a little faster than it was. I think as soon as the kids go back to school, it will speed past!

My bump is still big but I don’t think it’s grown any more since week 17. I have noticed I’ve started to get a bit of a waddle :)

On the gestation diabetes front. Last week I was told I could try just a balanced diet to see if I could control it. Sadly I couldn’t so back to the hospital it was. I was so so nervous that day because I thought I would definitely  be put on insulin because that’s what they said last week. We got to the hospital and had a big walk from the car park because we couldn’t get into the usual one, then we had an hour and 10 minute wait to see the doctor but thankfully once in there, the doctor said I had to pills. I was so relieved! Obviously I would rather not take anything but pills are more appealing than insulin. I have to take one with my breakfast and one with dinner and of course keep up with the balanced diet. And I have to go back hospital in 3 weeks (aside from my scan) so finally a break from hospitals. If the pills don’t work, then it will definitely be insulin next.

The sickness and heartburn have gone this week but sadly hay fever has reared its ugly head. And this week, for the first time in my life, I experienced indigestion. Oh my goodness, I felt like I was having a heart attack! Every time I ate it felt like it was stuck in my chest and a horrible stabbing pain. I know it sounds dramatic but if you have ever experienced it, you will know what I mean.

Baby has been very active this week, even keeping me up most of the night. It’s at the stage where it’s the odd kick, but mostly somersaulting. It feels like when you’re a passenger in a car and they drive over a bridge really fast. That, but over and over and over.

Iv’e also been having some twinges lately which I think is the baby tugging on the umbilical cord.

Harry is still excited about ‘peanut’ and will come in in the morning and say morning to me and ‘peanut’. He still loves looking at what the baby looks like now and knowing the size on the computer but he insists that the umbilical cord is its willie :)

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Feeling sad in pregnancy

Today was a tough day. Last night I had hardly any sleep due to baby doing somersaults, aching body and insomnia. This morning Harry came in lovely as usual but then started to get in a mood (who knows why) and kicked me in the tummy and smacked my face. He then had two tantrums and all by 7.15am.

Tom works nights but had to be up earlier than usual to take teen trampolining so he was of course tired.

As the day wore on Harry kept being a handful and was very very emotional and I was getting extremely tired. Even when Harry wasn’t crying or moaning, he was still a handful because he’s so full of energy and it was sucking what little energy I had. Tom kept falling asleep on the sofa with a pillow over his head, which I don’t blame him for because he’s of course tired and has got work tonight but it did not help me and pushed me even further.

I went in the kitchen to start dinner but was greeted with a load of washing up first. Washing up is of course bloody annoying but being so big, I have to wash up on my side. My tummy was hurting, I was tired, hay fever was getting to me, my emotions were all over the place and I just broke down crying in the kitchen. No one came into me so I just continued to wash up and cooked dinner.

I think today got to me so much because of all the above but also I have been feeling very very low lately. I kept a diary of the year I was pregnant with Harry so it’s from a few weeks pregnant until he was a few months old. It’s a fantastic thing and I’m so glad I kept it up but it also has it’s disadvantages.

When I think of my pregnancy and birth with Harry, it brings back awful memories. I remember it all being a horrible experience from start to finish ( I know I wonder why I’m doing it again too) anyway I’ve been reading it again to see if symptoms are the same etc and all it did was make me sad. You see as I’ve said the whole experience was awful. I had gestational diabetes, high blood pressure that resulted in pre-eclampsia and a few stops in hospital, one being 7 days and towards the end, I was in hospital twice a week for appointments. But reading my diary, yes all of that happened but my first problems started when I was 29 weeks. I had Harry at 37 weeks so that was 8 weeks of hell. And I remember it so much and how awful it was but what’s got me down the most is that I am 18 weeks now and have already had many appointments at the hospital (I’ve been every week for 5 weeks) and I already have gestational diabetes that’s having to be treated and I have to closely watch my blood pressure (I also have appointments in line for that)

I am really worried that it’s already begun and is getting me down, how will I cope until the end? It was really tough with Harry and I didn’t have a toddler to deal with every day.

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Should boys be boys and girls be girls?

I just want to write my view on the boys being boys and girls being girls debate that always seems to be going on.

I have a 14 year old girl, a 13 year old boy and a 3 year old boy.

I say I have never chosen girls things and boys things but that would be a lie because when my daughter was a baby/toddler I chose lots of pink and pretty dresses and dolls etc and for the boys I went very blue and chose cars etc (and still do) but having said that as my older two were very close in age, my son did come into the bedroom of a morning dressed in a princess dress announcing he was pretty or pretended to be his dollies mummy and we didn’t stop that, whatever made him happy. But he did get to an age where girly thing were yuck and also my daughter got to the stage where boys things and boys were yuck (I wish she still found boys yuck but sadly it’s “we’re in love” age) it happens. I see so often of parents shocked that their child has declared something is ‘boyish’ or ‘girlie’ as they never encouraged it. No you didn’t but kids will do their own thing. If anything I would be more proud that they have a mind of their own.

Anyway I now have a 14 year old daughter that has chosen p.e (she loves sports) and hair and beauty at college.

I have a 13 year old boy who is totally into ‘boys things’ but his favourite colour is pink and also spends as much time in front of the mirror as his sister.

And a 3 year old boy that adores diggers, tractors, cars, basically any vehicle (but especially diggers and tractors) but will go to the shop and choose the pink kinder egg.

You see it’s something that will happen no matter what you do. You can’t mould your children to like what you want them to (well you can but that’s just cruel) you just have to let them do as they want and they will soon decide for themselves.

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Word of the Week

This week we have been preparing ready for back to school. My teens go back next Thursday for two days then off for the bank holiday and back to normal from then.

And Harry starts on the 1st September for his first full day. I am so nervous. He has been going nursery for a year but never for a full day. He used to do two mornings a week but when he goes back he will be doing 2 full days and 1 morning.

We have been trying on uniforms. My daughter starts college so has a whole new uniform, a shirt and blazer which she of course just loves (haha). We’ve tried on shoes, packed p.e bags, bought lunch boxes, packed bags and bought more stationary.

Not long to go now :)



The Reading Residence
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Keeping your home safe with Legal & General 

Burglaries are always a concern as they can strike at any time of the year but I think they’re definitely more of a concern around the school holidays and Christmas time.

Legal and General are aware of this and have written an article with some facts and tips. I was really interested to read this as I didn’t know half of it. For instance

Crimestopper’s advised ‘A burglary happens every 40 seconds in the UK’, with us most likely to become a victim of burglary when were ‘away from home’, ‘your home but busy or asleep’ and ‘after Christmas when criminals know you have new and expensive presents in the house’ – They also found that during January, there’s an 11% increase for burglary rates. 

This is shocking and really quite scary. As a parent I do worry about burglaries because not only can your possessions be taken and that can affect all the family (especially children that have had new or favourite items taken) but no one wants to feel unsafe in their home.

Having a partner that works nights, I do worry that it can happen when I would be at home on my own. I have lived in my house for 7 years and thankfully have never been burgled. The top 4 reasons why I think we have avoided it are

  1. We have an alarm system in our home. I admit to not always using it but criminals can see that we have a system in place.
  2. We live in a neighbourhood watch area. We get along well with all of our neighbours and all watch out for one another.
  3. When we go on holiday we keep everything of value (apart from TV’s etc) out of eyesight. And we have family members visit twice a day to feed our cat and shut/open curtains etc
  4. We don’t leave phones/tablets toys etc in front of windows when were out and make sure all things of value (that we can move) are not obviously in view to be taken.


As it’s coming up to Christmas we all need to try and stop burglaries in the home. I understand not everyone has money to buy alarm systems and locks etc but there are things that we can all do that cost very little or are free.

  • There are fake alarm systems and cameras that you can buy that don’t actually work, but criminals don’t know that.
  • My neighbour has a plug that turns on her lights at certain times in the day when she is away so criminals don’t know they’re not at home.
  • You can keep expensive possessions away from windows or from sight if they do manage to get into your home.
  • Double check you have locked all doors and windows before you leave your home. If you leave them unlocked (even if you’re only popping out for minute) you’re just inviting them in.

I really hope we can all start to make some simple changes and stop criminals in their tracks.



*I was paid to write this article but all words (apart from the crimestopper’s part) are all my honest opinions.


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Wicked Wednesday 

Taking pictures of tractors and crap because your toddler is asleep and you know they would love it. They’re asleep you moron! 


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