Loud n Proud

Living with teen girls is not easy. We have arguments, her father and I are regularly stressed because of her BUT we are proud of her.

Sometimes we are focussing so much on how frustrating she can be, we forget to tell her how proud we are.

On Saturday we went out for a mother and daughter shopping trip. I really enjoyed her company and it was totally stress free. I don’t do these day’s often enough and I hope to change that.

Today she stressed us out again because she asked if she could do her homework on the laptop and when we checked her, she was on Facebook. Something she keeps doing regularly (hence why I was checking) we told he again that if she had just asked we would have said she could go on for a short while, it’s just the fact she does it and we question how much homework is actually being done.

Anyway she went upstairs in a mood and came down later with a letter. I don’t know if any of your children do the letter thing but our eldest two always have. They come down with a letter begging for us to change our minds or to say sorry. These letters always make us laugh. Today’s letter was different. She still had the odd immature remark (as is to be expected with a 13 year old) but all in all it was a very mature letter.

She mentioned that she may make bad choices in life but they are her choices to make. That she will tell me if she needs me and I should leave her until she asks. And she knows its difficult for me sometimes but she struggles sometimes too. It really made me think and on this occasion I am going to write her a letter back. I’m just going to take my time with it and be careful with what I write.

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Trendy Tot Thursday

Last week my SIL gave my MIL a load of her son’s 2-3 year old clothes (he should of been out of them a year or ago really) and my MIL asked if there is anything we wanted before she took it all to the charity shop. We actually came out with more than she was taking to the charity shop :) we got a few tops and jumpers, a couple of vests and loads of pyjamas! Just what Harry needed :)

He hasn’t worn much recently because we are trying to get ready for holiday.

We did go out the other day though and I love the outfit he wore

Top is from SIL

Jeans are from next £13

Boots are from George at Asda £12.50



Trendy Tot Thursday : ClearlyBex
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Wicked Wednesday

Lovely time at the fair…..

Daughter looks like she’s gobbing off at someone


Son looks pissed


And I look bored


Excellent photography by the OH. These were the only ones he took!

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Panda soft Drinks Review

I remember (just) being at the school disco and visiting the little tuck shop and choosing some sweets and a drink of panda. I also used to drink panda drinks at home, they were a big part of my childhood. I love introducing my children to things I used to enjoy as a child and now I can because Panda drinks are back!



But they have undergone a few changes….

  • The bottles have changed shape. They no longer have screw tops, they now have sports caps. Which are great for younger children and on the go.
  • No added sugar
  • Natural flavours

We were sent…

  • Low Calorie Raspberry Flavoured Mixed Fruit Juice Drink

  • Low Calorie Blackcurrant Flavoured Mixed Fruit Juice Drink

  • Low Calorie Orange & Pineapple Flavoured Water Drink with Sweeteners

  • Low calorie Blackcurrant Flavoured Water Drink


The kids couldn’t wait to tuck in and I heard no complaints

I even caught someone else enjoying them (trying to recreate his youth)


These drinks are around £1.99 for 6 which I think is a great price compared to other brands. I would highly recommend them and as soon as Harry is feeling better (we’ve struggled to get food and drink down him)  I am going to give im one and I’m sure he will love it too :)

Add: I didn’t think to taste these when I write the review but harry has just given me a sip and it is so tasty! They are bursting with flavour! I will definitely be picking some up on my next shopping trip.


We were sent these drinks for the purposes of this review but all words and opinions are my own.

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Autumn bucket list

I love autumn, it’s my favourite season. Iv’e seen a few people posting their Autumn Bucket list’s and I thought since it’s my favourite season, I would add one too. So here it is…

  1. Collect conkers
  2. Carve a pumpkin
  3. Collect leaves and make art with them
  4. Go trick or treating
  5. Make the kids a hot chocolate
  6. Make homemade toffee apples
  7. Go for a long walk in the countryside
  8. Eat chilli and jacket potatoes
  9. Watch a firework display


autumn list

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Silent Sunday


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A day for you and me!

Today Harry and I had a mother and son day. It was lovely and he was so well behaved (apart from a minor tantrum) it made me so proud of him. We have every day together apart from the two mornings he’s at nursery but today we ventured further than the village.

First of all we had a ride on the bus (with his ticket)


Harry loved this as we usually walk or drive everywhere. I loved watching him and seeing the excitement and wonder on his face :)

He then had a ride on with Iggle Piggle and some horses


We had lunch in McDonalds for a treat


We did lots of walking around together looking at the birds, the different colours on the trees and collecting stones.

After a couple of hours we got the bus back home and on the short walk back to our house we collected more stones :)

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall



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