Silent Sunday

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Saturday is Caption Day

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Weight Watchers Journey – Week 38

Weight – 2lb gain

Feeling – I haven’t eaten great this week because I did so much dancing on Saturday, it gave me a lot of fit points so I kept using them. I’m so annoyed with myself for not using them to lose a lot.

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Jack’s birthday party

On Saturday and hour before Courtney’s 18th we had a few children (family and friends that were also invited to Courtney’s party) and had a few kiddy songs on and some party games

And then the next morning on his birthday he opened all his presents

I was so pleased he loved the Captain America dress up we bought him

And Harry put his hulk dress up on that he got last year

And we all went out for a meal to a pub where they have a small soft play

It was a lovely but very busy weekend.

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Courtney’s 18th in photos

On Saturday was my daughters 18th birthday! It was such a good day and night with family and friends and I’d thought I’d share a little bit of it with you through photos 🙂

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Now you’re 3!

Our little whirlwind is 3 today. Our little Jack Jack (picture the one in the incredibles and you will see our boy).

He’s strong willed, funny, loving (when he says so) cheeky and cute (it’s what helps him survive ;])

You’re our little bundle of chaos but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We love you so so much!

Happy birthday Jack!

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18 18 18

So it’s official, I’m old. I now have an adult child. How did that happen? I’m sure she was only 5 a few years ago? 18! She is now half my age.

I moan at her a lot but I am incredibly proud of the women she has become. She is kind, considerate and strong.

She doesn’t always make decisions that I would choose but I can trust that she will choose what’s best for her and it won’t be done selfishly.

She is amazing at make up and does it so effortlessly. I wish I was as talented as she is.

She works hard and tries her best to make others happy.

She doesn’t always show it but I know she has got a sensible head on and I know she will achieve what she wants in life.

My happy, adventurous, sensible, ambitious, courageous, passionate, reliable and clumsy 18 year old.

Happy birthday Courtney <3

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Weight Watchers Journey – Week 37

Weight – 3lb loss

Points – 0 points left

Feeling – I have been so good this week so very pleased with a loss. I have my daughters 18th birthday tomorrow and didn’t want to feel as rubbish as I did last week.

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7 Things Tag

I have been tagged by Jayne at Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs for the 7 things tag, which can include anything you’d like, as long as it’s 7 things. I am a major fan of lists so definitely wanted to join in. The 7 things I’ve chosen is, what I’d like to achieve this year.

  1. To reach my weight goal. I don’t have too far to go so I’m sure I can .
  2. To get outdoors more. I got into a terrible habit of only going out when I needed to. I’d love to just go on walks, just because.
  3. To have more days out. Not necessarily big or expensive but definitely fun.
  4. To worry less. This is not going to be the easiest but I hope as the year goes on, I find it easier.
  5. To have less takeaways. We waste so much money on takeaways and it’s not good for our health. I’m going to shop weekly and do a meal plan each week which should help.
  6. More self care. Just simple things like a face mask now and again, a candle lit bath, a trip to the hairdressers more than once every two years or a cinema trip alone. I think this will help the less stress too.
  7. To save money. Tom and I are terrible for saving money but we’d really like this year to be the year.

That’s all. What things are you hoping to achieve this year?

Id like to tag anyone who hasn’t joined in yet 🙂

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Top 5 Weight watcher Friendly Breakfasts

Now that Christmas is over I am back on the weight watchers. I’ve only got a little way to go to reach my goal so I’m sure I can get their by Easter so I can have another little break 🙂

I find when I have a good breakfast it starts me on the right path because if I have a rubbish breakfast, I tend to carry that into the rest of the day.

So here are my top 5 breakfasts that are low in points but filling!


Two fried eggs using a few sprays of frylite and flipping them over 0sp

3 bacon medallions 1sp

Tinned tomatoes 0sp

Mushrooms using frylite spray 0sp



1 crumpet 3sp

Flora light 1sp

2 Bacon medallions 1sp

Scrambled egg 2sp (for milk)

= 7sp

3) Bowl of fruit

You can choose whatever fruit you like, pretty much all are 0sp

4) Breakfast Wrap

Weight Watchers Wrap 3sp

Hash brown 2sp

Fried egg with frylite 0sp

Bacon medallions 1sp

= 6sp

5) Egg and Soldiers

2 boiled eggs 0sp

Bacon medallions

(cut into soldiers) 1sp

= 1sp

And that’s my top 5. Do you have anymore I could add to my collection?

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