Wicked Wednesday 

When you (like an idiot) leave your 3 year old alone for 1 minute with the suncream you got from your britmums goodie bag 

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The Boys Bedroom

I love decorating rooms in my home but my favourite is decorating the children’s room. I think because you can be so creative and a bit mad and it’s OK. I do give them something different every time I redecorate but some things I keep similar. I tend to stick with white furniture, plain wallpaper/paint and then I go more adventurous with the bedding, curtains etc.
So far in their room we have white beds, white changing unit and white wardrobes. We have yet to paint the room, we can’t decide on blue or green. The boys have blue bedding (Harry’s has diggers on it, obviously) and we went with blue light shades so now we’re looking for some more funky items for the room.

At the moment the boys have really old blue blinds, they were just cheap ones I got to get us by but haven’t got around to replacing yet. I was searching around and found the brand VELUX  and I fell in love. They have some lovely blinds but my favourite is the children’s range. They have a Disney range and Star Wars range. I absolutely love the Bambi one but sadly the boys are not so keen. When I think of bright window coverings, I always think of curtains but I much prefer blinds and to find some that can do the job they’re supposed to yet stand out is just brilliant. And I can get them as blackout blinds which is a must with children, especially in summer.

I’ve also found a few fun items to add to the room. I got 3 boxes from Argos they’re all blue but one is plain, one has stripes and one has stars. I use them in the changing unit for nappies and wipes and in the wardrobes for pants and socks. They’re really large so I also have one with some books in. I would like to make a little reading nook. I’m thinking of getting one of those bed canopy’s from Ikea and using that for the nook. I also got some emoji pillows earlier this week, they are so fun, the boys love them!

Have you seen anything else I may like or do you have anymore ideas? I love reading your comments ­čÖé


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Silent sunday

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Saturday is caption day


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Wicked Wednesday 

When it’s chucking it down with a bit of thunder and you let your 3 year old run outside, sit in the puddles and get absolutely filthy. In my defence it was a warm day and look how happy he is! 

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10 ways to save money on holiday with children 


Having two teenagers, a preschooler and a baby, we have been on many many holidays and in that time I think I’ve got pretty good at how we spend our money. I don’t claim to be an expert but having been there and done it and seen what works and what doesn’t, I think I have a few good tips that may help ­čÖé I know it sounds impossible that you could actually save money on holiday with children. I suppose it’s not really saving money, it’s more not spending a ridiculous amount while away which I know is very easy to do, especially with kids!

So here goes….

  1. Try to add a meal plan to your holiday. It may seem a lot to spend when you’re booking but it’s a lot cheaper in the end. We fill up at breakfast, snack in the day and fill up in the evening. We’ve been away before and just ate out every day and it was so expensive. We even made our own breakfast one holiday to try and save money but it was still expensive.
  2. Alternatively if you like to make your own meals (which we like to do too) then just spend your normal grocery allowance on food, don’t go overboard.
  3. Give your children their own money daily. Kids find it exciting that they can buy their own things and it teaches them at the same time. And it stops a lot of tantrums in shops (most of the time) because it can get expensive when you go on days out.
  4. If you have a small child that is not at an age where they want something from the gift shop or the tacky flashy things at night, then don’t buy them anything. I see so often people buying babies expensive stuff and the kid could not care less. If you want them to have something for a memory box etc then buy something cheap or save the tickets/receipts from the places you’ve been.
  5. Before your holiday go to the supermarket and but snacks like raisins, chocolate, crisps, fruit etc and a pack of waters/fruit shoots. And then every day pack up some snacks and drinks and enjoy the day. It saves you from buying overly priced food and drink whilst out.
  6. When you go into the arcades, change up what you’re willing to spend, distribute it between you and then put your purse away, money can easily be wasted in one of them.
  7. Drinks in the evenings can be really expensive, to cut costs a little I buy the children a character cup the first night and then they can be refilled with squash for about 50p/┬ú1 and because they’re always quite big, the kids only need 1 or 2 a night. A lot cheaper than fruit shoots, which seem to last seconds.
  8. Also if Tom and I want alcohol, we buy a pitcher to share, it works out a lot cheaper.
  9. Look for free/cheap days out whilst on holiday. We have regular free/cheap days out at home because they are so fun so why not on holiday? We do have still have expensive days out, just not all the time. It’s best if you research the areas before you go away.

So there you have it! Do you have anymore to add? 

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Wicked Wednesday! 

So I recently shared a photo of my 4 gorgeous children all together and smiling 

Lovely isn’t it? Well it was NOT easy to get! Harry decided to have a major tantrum and wouldn’t join in

So how did I manage it I hear you say? Well I am not proud of how I managed it and I do not recommend you do the same but I had to take the opportunity because Jack is now 5 months and this is the first one I could get. Anyway the only way to make him do it was if we all shouted a word while I took the photo, that word is penis! 🙈 

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My babywearing Journey

When I had my two teens I didn’t baby wear, I don’t know why. I think a mix of being young, I don’t think they were as popular as they’re now and having a 21 month old and a 3 month old on my own to deal with.

But when I had Harry I really wanted to wear him but sadly I only wore him a few times when I borrowed my SIL’s Mei Tai (which I liked). We bought a couple of slings but didn’t like them so returned them and then I just didn’t get around to doing it again. I’m annoyed with myself for not because when I did carry him, I loved it!

So when my little Jack came along I was determined and so far I’ve worn him more than I did with Harry and he’s only 5 months old.

We have the papoozle and we love it but I do want to try out a few more too.

I love the closeness of babywearing and I can’t wait until the summer when we get out and about lots so I can wear him more ­čÖé

What slings are you loving?


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Silent Sunday 

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Saturday is caption day

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