Pursteam Travel Steamer Review



I don’t iron. I used to but gave up years ago. It’s just something I don’t have the interest or time for. But unfortunutely I have no choice and some items will need an iron. I hate having to set everything up for one or two items so when I was asked if I would like to review the Pursteam travel steamer, I was keen to give it a try.

PurSteam is small, light and easy to operate. It doesn’t require any preparation, special space and it is ready within seconds. Basically all you have to do it to fill it with water, plug it in and press the “on” button. It is as easy as boiling a kettle, super easy.

As to performance, I thought it was really good. It works perfectly on gentle fabrics and light to medium creases; it struggles a little with heavier creases but taking into consideration that this is not a full blown iron but a steamer, I think that’s to be expected . I think it would be perfect for a business trip away or a family holiday, because seriously who wants to iron on holiday?

It says you can steam

  • organic fabrics
  • silk
  • nylon blend
  • cotton
  • wool
  • linen
  • polyester blend
  • sequins, beads and embroidery

And it offers

  • Powerful 850 W heating element
  • Removes wrinkles easily- No ironing necessary
  • Easy to use- Lightweight
  • Uses plain tap water- No additives necessary
  • Produce steam witin 1 minute
  • 9-foot power cord
  • Unique shape prevents tipping and spillage
  • Perfect for home or travel
  • Convenient storage- Travel bag included

It really is a great item and I would highly recommend it to anyone. If you do iron all your clothes, it will not replace that but is definitely handy if you only have the odd couple of items to do. especially if you’re in a rush.

You can get yourself one from Amazon for £19.97


* I was sent this travel steamer for the purposes of this review but all words and opinions are my own. This blog contains affiliate links.

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The Secret Language of Your Child by Dr David Lewis Giveaway!


The Blurb

What is a toddler trying to say by touching their ears or tilting their head? Dr David Lewis pioneered the study of how young children communicate with each other using gestures and facial expressions and his detailed research explains how toddlers can already communicate before they learn to speak. The Secret Language of Your Child explains the facial and body expressions of the under-fives, helping parents to understand what their child is trying to communicate and to recognise when a child is feeling anxious, aggressive or distressed. Using a wealth of illustrations that interpret the secret language of your child, David Lewis reveals how to communicate with a child during its formative years. Learn how to understand your child and how to reply in the same language. The Secret Language of Your Child is a handbook for all new parents, carers and nursery staff in its revelations of the body language and the behaviour of the under-fives. It will make every reader look at under fives in an entirely different way.


Title page




1) How children talk- without saying a word

2) Learning the first language of life

3) Baby talk- and what it means

4) How to read a smile

5) The language of leadership

6) The language of Aggression and Anxiety

7) The meaning of Gesture and Gaze

8) Your part in the secret language

9) Hidden truths in family snaps

10) Helping you to help your child

Appendix – The anatomy of baby talk


My Thoughts

This book is so fascinating. It’s an easy read and definitely will make you look at your toddler in a different way. I will be honest and thought ‘not another one that tells you a load of rubbish’ but it has surprised me and I really did enjoy reading it.

It makes you say ‘oh right, that does make sense now’ It really is very fascinating and when you read the book, it does all make sense, it doesn’t make you think ‘oh what a load of rubbish’ which in all honesty was what I was expecting to find. I would definitely recommend it.

And I have been given the chance to give one lucky reader the chance to win one in my giveaway! Just enter the rafflecopter below, good luck x


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Or you can get a copy via Amazon

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Silent Sunday


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Saturday is caption day!





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A night of dance!

Last night I went to a college in town to watch my daughter do a dance. I had no idea what it was, how much she was doing, if anything else was on etc. 

It was £3 a ticket and at first, I thought that was a bit of a rip off just to watch my daughter do a little dance. But now I’ve been, I would happily pay that again, it was brilliant! 

The show was 2 hours long. My daughters (and her school friends) was 3 minutes long and the rest was filled up with year 10 dance students and level 3 dance students (they are so talented) 

It started with ‘into the woods’ it’s the film, in a dance version. It was brilliant! It made us laugh and smile. The kids are so flipping talented, I didn’t feel like I was watching an amateur show. 

After that it was my daughters schools turn  


They did a dance to James Bay- Hold back the river. It was really good, they all did a great job. My daughter was so nervous, but I am incredibly proud of her, she has been involved in so much at her school, it’s great to see her growing so beautifully. She loves to dance. She used to do it when she was younger and it’s times like this, I wish she had kept it up. 

The evening was so good and at the end I honestly felt like I’d been out for an evening that I had paid £10 a ticket for :) 

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Feeling guilty!

Lately I have found myself feeling guilty. Sometimes I feel sorry for my older two for me having Harry. I obviously do not regret having Harry and the kids love him, as he does them but sometimes I feel that it’s pushed them aside a little. For instance when we ask them to watch Harry for a short while while we do something quickly (while we’re in the house too) or when we tell them to be quiet so we can get him to sleep or sometimes I can’t help them/listen to something they want because I have to deal with Harry. I feel so guilty when I think of these times.

We often tell them to stop doing something because Harry might copy as he looks up to them and they should know better at their ages (14&12)

Because I am conscious of it, I think it helps because if Harry cries and I’m not in the room, I try not to blame the older two instantly because I’ve seen this happen with other families and it’s unfair.

We make them do chores, as they should, but obviously Harry gets none, so again I feel guilty.

They have both told me that they feel pushed out before so I am always trying to just have 1 on 1 time with each of them (I need to do this more) I have tried to explain to them that I don’t favour any one child over the other, but Harry is at an age where he needs me more than they do.

Do you think I have reason to be guilty? Am I putting too much pressure on them? Any of you have this too?


p.s sorry for rambling, I just wrote it as it came out :)


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Wicked Wednesday

THIS is why you only see selfie pictures of me on here! We had a lovely day at the park the other day in the sun and  took some really lovely pictures of everyone, but then it’s OH’s turn to take one of me……And I get this!



Bloody awful!


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Crafts with toddlers


So crafts with a toddler can be a daunting experience but it can be a fun experience too (yes it can) you just have to remember a few tips (they’re very similar to baking with toddlers)

1) If you can, try and set up a few crafts out ready so its all in easy reach

2) Try not to stress . I know it can be tough but if you stress, they will stress and are more likely to have a meltdown

3) Use a wipe down mat, have wipes to hand and have your crafts organised and when they get bored (which wont be long) it should be easy to just pack up and get on with the next toddler activity.


We organise our items with this Click box storage from HobbyCraft


It fits just the right amount in for a good craft session with toddlers and it makes packing away quicker and more efficient. We love Hobbycraft and often pick up their craft essentials as they’re a great price and a good selection.

What are your top tips for crafting with a toddler?


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Baking with Toddlers

I was recently asked if I would like to write a guest post for Cake Catera and because I love baking (even though I don’t get to do it often enough) I instantly said yes :)

As I have said before, I really do love baking but it can be stressful when you include a toddler in the mix (see what I did there?) but it really doesn’t have to be. I have a list of 3 things that you can do to make it more enjoyable and not too stressful

1) Try to stick with easy cake/cookie mixes that are not too complicated as that way it’s not too long and they won’t get bored.

2) If you have time, get everything ready before you start. Measure all the items and put them into pots so your little has to just pour them in at the right time

3) I know its hard but try not to stress, just relax. If you do stress, you will only regret it. I used to stress and try and clean up as they were going along and it just made them stress and have a tantrum because it wasn’t fun any more.


I think if you stick with them, you will be fine. I know it’s so tough not to stress but I promise, once you let go and they have fun, you will not stress ever again.

176 177


What are your tips with baking with a toddler? What is you favourite to make?


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Word of the week! 

This week is a quick one. My word is simply TONSILITIS! Yes, I have tonsilitis 😢 I’ve felt rubbish all week so finally went to the doctors yesterday where he confirmed it and gave me some antibiotics. Hopefully they work soon and I start to feel better. 

Without sounding like a post plugger, in better news my tween got his first gold medal in trampolining on Sunday 😀 if you would like to read about it, you can Here 

The Reading Residence
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