Christmas ready with Boots Mini Club

I love Christmas! So much makes me get excited. One thing I love is getting us all some festive clothes. I usually buy us all a party outfit and a festive jumper (or 2) each. Recently Boots Mini Club and asked if we’d like something from their Festive and All Dressed Up range. Well we’ve got lots of clothes from Them because they have great styles and are excellent quality so of course I said yes! They only go up to age 6 so we couldn’t get Harry anything but we did get a party outfit and a Christmas sweater for Jack. I know I’m biased but boy he looks cute!

From the festive range we chose this Santa jumper (£12)

It is super soft and the colours are perfect!

And from the all dressed up range we got some trousers (£12) and a shirt and bow tie (£10)

He looks absolutely adorable in this outfit (even though he did not want a photo shoot and was a real diva that had to be bribed with donuts) I think this might be his Christmas Day outfit and his birthday outfit in January.

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Silent Sunday

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Saturday is Caption Day

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My Weight Loss Journey – Week 29

So if you’ve been following me a while you will know I haven’t been sticking to weight watchers the past few weeks but I’ve decided to get back on it so I can enjoy the Christmas week a bit more.

Weight – 1b loss

Points – 0 points left

Feeling – I’m feeling positive that I’m back to watching what I’m eating and looking forward to losing a few pounds so I can put them back on the week of Christmas 😀

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Having fun with Mind

We were recently sent the super fun robot Mind from clementoni. I thought the boys would love it (which they do) but I didn’t expect me to like it. It’s so much fun!

  • This innovative intelligent robot guides your children through the process of learning mathematics, arithmetic and geometry following government guidelines.
  •  It introduces your child to design using the precision motors which enable them to create geometric shapes and designs of varying complexity with extreme precision.
  •  This incredible robot can be programmed manually or by voice using the innovative voice recognition function.
  •  With the Arithmetic chart, Mind can be programmed to carry out arithmetical functions, while using the Escape Room chart, your child will be encouraged to solve quests and develop skills in logical thinking.
  •  Using the exclusive free App, your child can experiment with coding instruction blocks, create complex geometrical shapes and play with loads of original interactive code-games. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, Mind’s content is permanently updatable for limitless playability!
  •  Marker, charts and A3 sheets are included in the package.

Harry loved using this robot and I love how much it helped him learn without realising (the best learning)

You can also use it via a free app on your mobile (or tablet) which looks like lots of fun but we haven’t explored that yet (we really need jack to be out the way really because he didn’t really get it and he was a distraction) I’m sure we will soon though.

Harry’s favourite subject is maths so I knew he’d take to it but I think even if you’re not a fan of maths (like me) it could change your perspective.

This was a big hit in our house and I think would make the perfect gift this Christmas.

Mind is for 6-10 year olds and is £61 on Amazon

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How to have the perfect Christmas on a budget! 

I’m writing this is the hope I can help a few people. All of these I do myself and it helps us to have a great Christmas without the stress of no money come January.
I hate when people moan about the shops selling Christmas things in September because you may see it as being too early but sadly not everyone can afford to just get everything in Nov/Dec!

So here are my top tips to help save you money. Basically my biggest tip is to start in January. Here’s why…

  • Buy presents in the January sales. Not all the presents you need, just a few. Write down in a notepad or diary a list of who you have to buy for and then you can mark them off as you buy so no over buying.
  • Buy items in the summer sales too. Again follow your list so you don’t get items you don’t need.
  • Start collecting supermarket saving stamps (I usually buy CO-OP’s or Tesco’s) you can buy all your Christmas food with these.
  • Start collecting points on your certain cards (I collect Boots points and Tesco Clubcard points) and use them in Oct/Nov/Dec for presents/food/wrap
  • As soon as the shops start selling Christmas sweets, buy 1/2 items a week/month you will have plenty by the time Dec arrives

That’s it! It can be a little hard work at first but you soon get into doing it and come Christmas you’re so happy you put the effort in 🙂

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Silent Sunday

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Saturday is Caption Day

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My weight loss journey- what’s been happening to last few weeks

So if you follow my story you will see I’ve not posted for a few weeks. This is for two reasons.

  1. The batteries have ran out on my scales so I’ve not been able to update. I really need to fix them though because it does help me stay on track.
  2. I totally fell of the diet. I’ve been eating so bad and I know I’ve put on weight. And because my back is bad I’ve not been exercising so that hasn’t helped either.

But I’ve decided I need to get back to it. I feel horrible and unhealthy. I’ve said before it’s not so much the weight because I’ve actually got to a point a quite happy with, it’s when I eat bad and feel unhealthy, it affects me so much, I’m many different ways. So I’m going to change the batteries in my scales and start eating better. I can do this!

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Booking a hen party with Fizzbox

I was recently contacted by Fizzbox a brilliant site for booking the best parties at the best prices and asked to go on their website and enquire about booking a party. I went in with the idea of what I would want if I was booking a hen do for my myself (my sister wants to book mine as a surprise but I will definitely be forwarding this website to her) anyway they asked me to list my pros and cons and I have.


  • The website was really easy to navigate
  • I was able to look at dates months away
  • I got an answer straight away about my enquire
  • I didn’t have to fill in all my details to get a response (this really puts me off)
  • Prices were great
  • Lots of choices in my chosen area
  • Lots of different options for different budgets.


  • Once I’d made an inquiry I wanted to look at other options but when I went back I was sent back to the top of the list.

That’s it. I actually really liked the website and would definitely recommend it.

Just before I go I want to leave you with a little bit about the site.

Browse, book and look forward to exciting activities to help you celebrate any special occasion. 

Whether you know exactly what you want to do or need a bit of inspiration, take a look through our massive range of party activities taking place all over the UK, from pole dancing to pampering, sporting outdoor activities to strippers and dance-all-night clubs to comforting meals out. Fizzbox knows where the party’s at!

Our fantastic holiday activitiesare great for loads of celebrations, including hen parties, stag dos, birthday parties, team building and corporate events. Whatever you’re celebrating, you’ll have a blast!

We’ve waved bye bye to the middle man. He’s long gone! Instead we put you directly in touch with venues so everything’s really simple and transparent.

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