Chemist Direct review

I have decided to do this review as a vlog because like I say in the video, we received so many products it would have just been boring in a post and would have been too long (saying that the video probably is because I’m a bit of a rambler) so here you go :)



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Now you’re 13! 

So today my little tiny 7lb 14 baby boy is 13 years old and officially a teenager! I know everybody says it but it really has gone so fast.

J is now a loving boy that worries far too much about everything.

He drives me mad most of the time and can be very frustrating but that’s him and I love him.

He is also a messy toad.

He loves sports, music and being outdoors. He is an excellent trampolinist and has won a gold medal :)


He has lots of friends and a lot of them have been friends for a long time too.

He has been naughty on occasion but nothing that’s not normal for a boy of his age.

He is very funny which has got him out of many telling’s off. He has a great sense of humour and can cheer anyone up.

We’re very proud of him and everything he has achieved so far and we know he is going to go far in life.

Happy birthday J and here’s to many more to come xx


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Silent Sunday 


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Saturday is caption day! 


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Word of the Week


This week my word is BIRTHDAY. On Sunday is the tween’s 13th birthday so all week we have been preparing for it. Getting him his presents and wrapping them and organising what we’re doing.

We have decided on cinema tonight to watch the minions movie with two of his friends and pizza hut after.

Saturday we’re having a BBQ with family.

Sunday we have no plans as yet but I’m sure we will do something.

The Reading Residence
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My daughters prom! 

So last week it was my daughters first prom. She looked beautiful


She had a great evening and that is all that matters BUT I did feel a bit sorry for her because I did her hair and nails, she did her make up and we drove her in our normal car and dropped her off. It’s her year 9 prom and she is going to be having another proper one in year 11 where we said that’s when we would go to town a bit more. Well when we got to the prom, it was like a proper year 11 prom! Everyone was really dolled up with hair and make up and being dropped off in limo’s etc, I just felt really bad for C. It was totally over the top for year 9.

But like I say she had a great night and looked beautiful so that is all that matters :)

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Wicked Wednesday 

When you get a call to come pick up your tween from school because he’s injured his leg. You rush there, get home and literally 5 mins later…….

 Little sod! P.s this is him diving into the pool and telling me to watch how good he is 😜 

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iCandy Raspberry stroller review


I was recently asked if I would like to review the new iCandy Raspberry Stroller. At first I thought probably no because H doesn’t really use a pushchair much anymore but as I’m expecting and saw that it’s also from birth, I said yes. As it turns out, I’ve actually used it every day since receiving it a week ago :)

I absolutely hand on heart can say that I adore this pushchair! It’s so easy to push, looks great, is easy to fold and open and stores great in our car, has a big basket, just everything we want in a pushchair. And H has not fallen asleep in a pushchair for maybe a year. We have had this pushchair a week and he has fallen asleep in it 3 times :)

On Saturday we spent the day at Weston-super-mare and the iCandy raspberry was brilliant! Here is our day….

We didn’t get there until lunchtime so our first port of call was the beach for some chips and of course some little rides




(no idea why I didn’t get pictures of our chips)

Then we had a little walk around, visited an arcade and had a ride on the seafront train




Before heading back to the beach for a good play. This is where the basket on the iCandy was brilliant! We didn’t have to carry a thing. We had drinks, H’s bag for nappies, wipes, change of clothes, sun cream, blankets, towels and bucket & spade for both kids :)




H built sandcastles (and knocked down sandcastles) while J built a fort of some kind. This made us all super hungry so we headed to a resturant for more chips (what else when you’re at the beach) and some sausages.

It was so hot that we thought it’s best we spend some time indoors too so we visited the Sealife centre. Harry was unsure at first so he wanted to stay in the pushchair but he was the perfect height to see the the fish



We saw beautiful fish


And not so beautiful fish


It was  lovely and we all really enjoyed it


After it was time for snacks and some treats :)


Before ending the evening with another stroll along the seafront and spending the last of our pennies in the arcades :)





It was a truly lovely day that we wish could have lasted longer but we were all shattered when we got home and just got in bed and fell fast asleep :)


*We were sent the iCandy Raspberry Stroller for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are honest and all my own.


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Why I’ve cancelled my wedding 

no more wedding

You may have noticed that I have changed my categories from My Wedding to Pregnancy. This I think is pretty self explanatory but I just thought I would explain why I have replaced it and not just added.

My wedding was booked for the 2nd April 2016 but then I found out I  was pregnant and my EDD is 18th January 2016 so we discussed it loads but came to the conclusion that we cant do both.

How would I try on dresses while pregnant? What if I’m poorly after having the baby and still not up to it by then? And the expense for both would be far too much of a strain on us. So we made the decision to cancel it. Luckily we booked it at a small venue and they gave us back our deposit :)

Now we’re unsure what to do. Wait a couple of years after the baby and rebook the wedding and have what I wanted from the start or just do registry office and party either when pregnant or in the autumn of next year?

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Silent Sunday


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