Saturday is caption day!

Can you caption this photo?


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A snow day!

So after weeks of wanting it, we finally got some snow yesterday! The last time we got snow Harry was a few months old so not at all interested. He is now 2 and a half so I was so excited to see his reaction.
At first he didn’t want to go out but then when I said we can make footprints, he gently stepped outside


He had a little sheepish look around, and he fell in love! In fact it was near impossible getting him back in :)






We had about an hours play in it and then we came in to have a cup of tea and a bit of chocolate cake :)

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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Word of the week

This week my word is STRESS!
Tom started back work this week after weeks off so I’ve had solo parenting again.
I had the dentist on Wednesday so that caused me lots of stress (so glad it’s over)
And yesterday I had problems with teens school. If you want to you can se my Post Here about that.

How has your week been?

The Reading Residence
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Bullying and hair dye!

Teens school have made me so angry today for 2 reasons.

Firstly her hair was dyed purple on Tuesday


(Yeah hardly purple at all, just a bit in the light)

and today I was left a voicemail message saying that it is against school policy to have dyed hair so they are keeping her off timetable until it is dyed a different colour. Firstly how can they make her sit upstairs and not in her lessons, just because of her hair colour and secondly there is no way I am dying her hair on top of that dye! And what’s more ridiculous is that they say the colour of her hair is affecting her learning! No I think you will find that you taking her out of lessons is affecting her learning!
I am so flipping angry with them and I’m tempted to not let her go in tomorrow

The second is about bullying. On Facebook at the weekend a boy from a different school zoomed in on one of Courtney’s photos near her armpit and screenshot it and put it on his page saying “eww someone needs a shave” it was just the way the light was. I will add you could see it was of teen.
Anyways a few girls from her school and lots of others commented nasty things and made teen feel awful. It’s not nice being ganged up on.
Anyway I informed the school and today, in the same voicemail, I was told that teen was being a drama queen about it and the girls haven’t done anything wrong! How fucking dare she say that she is being a drama queen over it when she has not even seen the messages?!

I am now going to look at the website and see if it says anything about dyeing hair because of it doesn’t, I’m going to state that how can we know its policy if your website doesn’t tell us?

And just to add, teen never gets in trouble, has hardly any time off and is always at school on time.

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Trendy Tot Thursday

I don’t have anything from this week but I do have something from a couple of weeks ago. We had a few days where we were just stuck in doors so when Daddy decided to have a little fire in the back, I thought I would pop Harry in his puddle suit and wellies and get out for a bit.

His wellies were bought by OH’s Mum and she said they were £4 in the Asda sale.

His puddle suit we bought him last year. It is size 18m to 2y. He’s now in 2-3y stuff so I didn’t think it would fit him, but it does, as you can see :) I can’t remember how much it cost and it was from Tesco.

IMG_6403 IMG_6405

Little cutie :)

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Pretty Christmas presents!

Anyone that knows me, knows I love stationary! To be honest, I don’t know many people that don’t :) So at Christmas I was very excited to receive stationary and money for stationary :) Here are a few of my favourite bits….



My OH bought me this leather bound organiser post it set. He admitted that he only bought me it to put my New Look voucher in so I wouldn’t know what it was but absolutely love it! I can see me using it a lot for blogging.


He also bought me this little notebook. Who doesn’t love a pretty notebook?


I have wanted some Sharpie pens for months so he got me some a small pack to start me off and I bought the silver and gold pens, just before Christmas. They came in a pack of 2 for 59p so I bought three packs, bargain!


I was also given some money for Christmas so OH, Harry and I went into the nearest city where I discovered the shop that is Smiggle. I fell in love! Everything is so bright and really well priced too. This little lot cost £5 :)


Did you get any stationary for Christmas?

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Wicked Wednesday

“No grandad! Me walk by self”


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