Dream Pillow Review

We’ve always had a bit of an issue with Jack at bedtimes. Sometimes it’s difficult to get him to sleep but then once he is asleep, he usually doesn’t stay that way all night.

Dream Pillow have a great way to help with this by introducing the 6 senses. Which are Taste, Smell, Sight, Hearing, Touch and the last one is common sense which introduces the dream pillow. Lily’s Little Learners has a great post on this and you can read that here.

The dream pillow is a beautiful item. It mixes a cuddly teddy and a pillow. They have a few different designs but we chose Sharkie

Jack has been trying it out and has loved it! We cuddle and talk about what he would like to dream about. He snuggles down and cuddles it and drifts off. He’s slept in all night long for days now so it’s definitely working.

It comes with a lovely cloud shaped paper pad to write your dreams down but Jack has chosen to just whisper what he would like to dream about. As long as it works I don’t mind how he does it. Harry also likes the pillow and does use the notepad. Jack goes to bed first and when he is asleep Harry comes up so it’s a good way for them to share the pillow.

Take a look on the Dream Pillow site and tell me which one would you choose?

*we were gifted this pillow in exchange for a review but all opinions are honest and my own.

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My Sunday Snapshot

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Saturday is Caption Day

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Hatchimals CollEGGtables Crown Jewels Review

Does your child love a collectible? Of course they do! Collectibles are the in thing this year and my two boys love collecting items. We were recently sent a Hatchimals CollEGGtables Crown Jewels Mega Secret Surprise and my two boys LOVED it. I knew Jack would because it’s totally his thing

His face as he opened it is proof of that. But Harry (7) first he was not interested at all but it didn’t take him long to start loving it.

So we opened it up and discovered a giant pink love heart egg

We took the egg out, which Harry insisted on doing (considering he thought it was rubbish to start)

And found some little eggs in packets to open which they both got stuck into. Inside we’re the cutest little hatchimals!

We loved opening them and seeing what their names were but we were a bit disappointed that that’s all there was. But then I accidentally put my finger in the egg and we discovered that there were a load more inside the egg. Which now is pretty obvious as they’re called HATCHIMALS!

First Harry opened one and it was a pixie and she came with lots of accessories which he loved. He sat for ages making her look pretty

There were also lots more hatchimals

and a lip gloss which Jack put on me and himself straight away

We played with them for ages afterwards discovering their names, changing crowns and tiaras and general playing.

Inside the egg was also 3 discs with codes on the back for Hatchtopia Life

So we downloaded the game and entered the codes which gave us lots of different things. One code gave us an egg to hatch an Hatchimal. The next one gave us clothes and the third gave us furniture. So then we had lots of fun playing that. It’s really safe as you don’t have to enter any details and it’s really easy to use.

Normally I find these eggs a bit of a rip off but actually I think this one is well worth the money because you get so much from it.

  • Includes: 10 Hatchimals CollEGGtibles, 10 CollEGGtibles Crown Accessories, 1 Hatchimals Pixies Royal, 6 Pixies Royal Accessories, 1 Lip Gloss, 2 Sheets of Hatchimals Royal Stickers, 3 Hatchtopia Life Tokens

This egg is available from Smyth’s for £34.99

*we were sent this egg in exchange for a review but all opinions are honest and my own.

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WowStuff invisibility Cloak Review

Anyone that knows me knows I love Harry Potter and if you know me REALLY well, you will know I have a Harry Potter landing in my home. So when I was asked to review the WowStuff invisibility cloak, obviously I jumped at the chance. However so many people are bringing out Harry Potter themed items now that only a small percentage do it well and are actually worth having. I’m happy to say this invisibility cloak is in that small percentage of doing it well. It’s amazing! Also it’s great for any age. My 3 and 7 year old love playing with it, I’m 37 and love playing with it and I can guarantee if my my dad was still around, he would love it too. I actually would have probably bought him one for Christmas.

Anyway, the cloak. So so much fun!

it works by using the Wow! Stuff app (included) When the patterned side of the Invisibility cloak is facing the camera it will be visible on screen. However, when you flip your cloak inside out, so that the green lining is facing the camera, whatever or whoever is hidden beneath the cloak will magically disappear on screen! Such a clever idea!

Our favourite thing to do is the floating heads because it’s the easiest but when I go to my sisters for our annual Christmas get together, I’m hoping to recreate some scenes from the Harry Potter films.

It took us a while to get it at first and we had lots of fails but once we got the hang of it we couldn’t stop (well I couldn’t) I find the best photos and videos are when you have a blank canvas behind you.

It was the best fun and we even did a couple of videos including this funny one below


The invisibility cloak is available from Argos for £30 and I can see it being very popular this Christmas.

What scene would you recreate with it?

*we were given this cloak in exchange for a review but all words are honest and my own.

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Faux Fur BeanBag from BeanBagBazaar

I love this time of the year, especially for the cosy nights indoors with a blanket and movie. Our sofa is super comfy but we don’t always all fit on it comfortably so needed something extra but not got the room for too much. Recently BeanBagBazaar got in touch asking if we’d like to work with them. I wasn’t sure at first but then I took a look on their site and fell in love! They have the most amazing looking bean bags on offer. I finally chose the ICON Kenai faux fur bean bag in Arctic Wolf

Isn’t it a beauty? And I can confirm that it IS as comfy as it looks. It’s so soft and like a giant cuddly teddy.

The adults, the teenagers and the little ones all love it! And now instead of a fight for the best spot on the sofa, it’s a fight to who gets the bean bag.

  • Luxury Faux Fur Fabric
  • Soft Faux Suede Bottom
  • Huge Adult Size!

I love when the kids have gone to bed and I can get cosy and read my book or watch tv in it.

I especially like how when you touch it all the beans move around and it’s easy to move around but once you sit in it and get comfy all the beans kind of mould in place and it supports you. I thought it would be bad for my back but it’s actually perfect!

We love it and use it as if you would your sofa or chair in your living room. It’s a part of our daily life now and I miss it if we no longer had it. It’s currently on the website for a great price and you can get free next delivery!

I have also been offered the chance to give one away on my Instagram and it’s super easy to enter. ENTER HERE

*we were sent this bean bag in exchange for a review but all opinions are honest and my own.

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My Sunday Snapshot

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Saturday is Caption Day

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My Sunday Snapshot

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Saturday is Caption Day

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