Diggerland review


Harry had just woken up so didn’t want to be in the photo

In June we were given complementary tickets to Diggerland. Diggerland have 4 attractions over the UK and it seemed they were all a little too far for us to go for a day trip so we waited until our Devon holiday when the kids broke up from school and chose to go in the week.

We decided to visit on the Wednesday. Our concerns before we headed of were that

  1. Harry would love it because diggers are his absolute favourite but be too small for most things
  2. The older two would be big enough but totally bored.

Well we needn’t have worried because we all had a fantastic time! Harry could go on all but a few and the older two loved everything! So did daddy :)

Being pregnant there were some things I couldn’t go on but I did go on a few things and I enjoyed them.

We found, the staff were friendly, the food was yummy (burger and chips) and the day was just perfect!


The teen girls highlight was The Spin Dizzy with her dad, they went on this twice!

Teen boys highlight was driving the big digger on his own.


The toddlers highlight I’m not really sure because when I ask what his favourite is “Diggerland” :) So I’m going to finish with some of our photo’s from the day


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It really was a great day out and I would definitely recommend it. The one negative I have, is that all the slides were a bit rubbish and the kids had to use there hands to get themselves down them. It didn’t affect our day as there was so much more to do but it’s something they could do with improving.

At the end of the day the kids all visited the gift shop (where everything is reasonably priced) and picked something out (the teen girl didn’t) and they also received a certificate for free :)


* We were given complementary tickets for this review but all words and opinions are my own.

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Wicked Wednesday

I popped to the loo, came back and found my toddler with a glass, with a whole in the middle (no idea how) and some glass in his hand! Thankfully he was not at all injured but he scared the bloody life out of me!




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14 week bump update

So as of last Friday I am now 14 weeks pregnant so I’m going to tell you how week 13 went. 

Sadly it’s not good. I am now on day 5 of diarreah. I am extremely weak and just feel so poorly :( I’ve also been loosing weight. 

I went to the hospital yesterday and was told to rest and drink plenty as there is not much else they can do as it’s just a tummy bug. They did say if it’s still continuing tomorrow I need to go to my GP to have some tests done. 

I have my first GTT (I’ve got to have two) on Tuesday, I didn’t think I’d say this but I hope I can make it. 

I had an appointment at the hospital last Thursday with the hypertension team and was unable to make it so I’ve got to go this week again.

Other than the illness, pregnancy wise I’ve felt better. The sickness feeling has subsided a lot. I was sick the other day but I think the pain in my tummy made that happen. 

Heartburn has been pretty nasty this week though. I’ve never liked milk absolutely can’t stand Gavascon so have been at a bit of a loss. Any tips? 

So there you have it, it’s not been a great one. Let’s hope next week is better :) 

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Silent Sunday


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Saturday is caption day!

On holiday last week we visited a place called World of Country Life. It was a brilliant day out and I love this photo I got of the two boys. Can you caption it?





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Wicked Wednesday

On holiday and having a lovely evening stroll so you decide to take some pictures. It’s all going well



Until your toddler falls over and your teen daughter finds it hilarious


And because she’s laughing so much your toddler then has a bloody strop



Oh how things can dramatically change




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Our week in Devon

Last week was the first week of our holidays so we headed to Devon for a haven holiday. We used to do Haven holidays all the time when the older two were much younger but have not been for years because the older two got a bit bored with them as they got older so we started to explore different places. Anyone because Harry is almost 3 we thought it would be a nice age to take him and because there is more than there used to be we thought the older two might enjoy it again.

Well we were right, all 3 absolutely loved it! We had a caravan that overlooked the sea which was beautiful. Harry was a good age in that he loved to watch the characters do their shows but when they got a bit closer he just had a really funny nervous laughter. He didn’t cry though :)

We only went Monday to Friday so we made everyday jam packed! We only went out to the show for 2 evenings though because being pregnant, I needed some rests.

Here’s a few photos from our trip…

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11 things tag meme 

I was tagged by the lovely Nikki at Keeping Strong and Moving Forward to answer some questions given by her. I am rubbish at answering questions but here goes…..

1. What is your best memory?

I don’t have a favourite child but I’m going to say Harry’s birth because with the first two I was obviously happy but I was young, neither was planned. With Harry we were financially better off, we had planned him and we waited 6 years for him.

2. If you could eat anything (and not worry about calories) what would it be and why?

Crisps! I am terrible for crisps, I can eat packets and packets :) 

3. The scariest thing you have ever done?

I’m not a thrill seeker and I’m rubbish for remembering things but I do remember when I went GoApe with the two teens, I was terrified but so proud of myself (and the kids) for doing it.

4. Name a goal you want to achieve by the end of the year?

Hmmm tough one. I think maybe for us to be living in a bigger house. 

5. What’s your best and worst thing about being a mum?

The best thing is just being a mum, it’s a undescribable feeling and the worst thing is the lack of sleep.
6. Where would be your dream place to live?

Cheddar in Somerset , its a beautiful place. The OH and I want to retire there.

7. What was the worst thing you did to your parents during your teen years?

Where do I start! I was a bit of an handful :) 

8. Where is your dream place to live?

The same place as question 6 :) 

9. What is your favourite household cleaning job?

My favourite job is when it’s a quick one. I do like organising though.

10. Your favourite flower?

Tulips and Lillies

11. How old were you the first time you fell in love?



So there you have it, I told you I was rubbish :) I tag Jodie at Life with Pink Princesses Laura at LauraSummers and Kim at Northumberlandmam You questions are

1. What is your best memory?

2. What is the most embarrassing thing you have done?

3. What is your favourite song?

4. Where is your favourite holiday destination?

5. Where is your dream place to live?

6. What were you like as a teenager?

7. Are your kids like you were at their age?

8. If you had one last meal, what would it be?

9. Have you ever done anything you wish you hadn’t?

10. Fruit or veg?

11. How many children do you have?

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13 weeks bump update! 


So as of yesterday I am 13 weeks pregnant.

I am still feeling sick constantly so need to snack often and really tired. Other than that it’s all pretty good :)

I felt really poorly yesterday and was getting signs of pre-eclampsia (which I’m on high watch for) but we were travelling home from holiday and it took us 6 hours to get home (supposed to take 3 hours) so I think it was just that. I’ve been checking my blood pressure regularly and it’s been fine so that’s good.

My bump is still really big but I do think it has stopped growing and I amazingly have been loosing pounds.

My craving have been salt and vinegar crisps so not the healthiest but I’m trying (and failing) to not go overboard with them.

It’s still early days but we have bought a few items like nappies, bottles, nappy cream etc and I’ve also got a changing bag (a pink lining one in the sale).

We’ve also got our pram. It’s the iCandy Raspberry that I was given for review. We’re going to wait until we find out the sex and buy a footmuff and a new colour pack for it.


So that’s my 13 week update. Are you pregnant? How’re you feeling?

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My labour worries 

I am so scared! I know labour is scary and worrying anyway for women and being my fourth child you would think I would be a bit more relaxed this time but in fact, I’m more scared than I was with my last one! I am so scared because I had so many difficulties through my pregnancy, I was visiting the hospital weekly (sometimes more than once) and eventually 3 weeks before Harry was due, I went in and was told I had pre-eclampsia and would be induced the next day! I was terrified!

I am scared that all may happen again but the birth I am particularly scared about. Because I was induced 3 weeks before my due date and Harry was obviously not ready, it resulted in me being in labour for 30 hours and a big chunk of that I was unable to move because I had a drip on. Not being able to move freely through labour is torture.

And it didn’t all stop once I’d had him! (sorry TMI coming up) because I had blood clots that had to be removed by hand and then I was put on another drip for a few hours that resulted in me staying in one position again. It really was not a nice experience and I really don’t want it repeating.

Yes it wasn’t the worst that could have happened and how I’ve written it down maybe doesn’t make it sound that bad but it was and I am really scared. Just because it wasn’t as bad as many other labours, it doesn’t then make it fine.

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