Saturday is Caption Day


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PicknMix puzzles review


Since Harry has started school we have tried to start getting him into more educational toys and he’s actually really enjoyed them so when we were asked if we’d like to try some puzzles from PicknMix we said yes.

We chose people at work and on the farm because Harry loves anything farm and building.

When we took them out the packaging we realised that they’re actually little tubs with handles, which is perfect for on the go, I think we will use them a lot on journeys and out and about.

The object of them are they’re cards with little bits of velcro on, pieces with velcro on and then cards that have the whole picture on and you have to put the pieces in place that match the larger card


You get so any different ones in one pack that it’s a good activity to do together to get them playing for a while, unlike the usual bored after 5 mins. We played this together for about half an hour. It’s also a good game to play on his own if I needed 10 mins peace 🙂

You can get them yourself from Amazon for £11.99 we would like the funny faces one next 🙂


You can find them on these social media channels


*We were sent these for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are honest and my own.

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Silent Sunday


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Saturday is caption day




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A day at the park with my new camera

So as some of you may have seen on my social media channels, I recently bought myself my first ever DSLR camera. So far I am so in love with it! Up to now I have only ever used my iPhone so the quality has more than doubled! To get it a good testing, I have been to the park with all the kids a couple of times and soft play and here are a few photo’s I got 🙂

The photo’s of myself are taken by Teen son.

087 096 109 112 118 128 138 147 192 dsc_0029 dsc_0039 dsc_0057


I can see my photography needs some improvement and I need to get to know the camera a bit more but I’m still quite happy with these photos 🙂

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Gee Whizz Game Giveaway

Get ready for Halloween with this awesome array of magic and trickery!

Gee Whizz (5+, rrp £19.99) is a dazzling collection of amazing activities and tremendous tricks for little ones. It’s jam packed with a fabulous array of easy illusions that are perfect for children to master – while stimulating their natural curiosity for discovery and the world around them.

The compendium comes with clear, pictorial instructions – and with just a little guidance from an adult or older sibling, children will quickly master the basics of putting on a magic show – such as pouring coins out of an empty saucer or magically ‘growing’ a flower from the end of a magic wand. Children’s inquisitiveness knows no bounds, and suddenly you’ll find that they have taken simple tricks on board – by themselves! The Gee Whizz collection provides a fascinating, easily accessible and confidence-giving introduction to magical tricks and activities.

For younger budding magicians!

Cleverly designed props allows the children to perform tricks without intensive learning.

Push button magic tricks that do themselves allows the children to concentrate on their performance

Includes classic optical illusions

For more information and stockists visit

Or if you have a budding magician or witch/wizard or want a fun game game this Halloween enter the rafflecopter below and be in with a chance of winning a copy of Gee Whizz

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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A Day Out with the Quinny Yezz


So just before the kids headed back to school we decided to have one last day out and we chose the Tropical Bird Land. We also got sent the lovely Quinny Yezz pushchair and wanted to give it a good test run as we’d only been on short trips to the shops.

So far I absolutely love the pushchair and Jack loves being forward facing and being able to sit up and watch the world. With our other pushchair it only gives the option of laying flat, laying down but half up or sitting straight up and he sits really wonky and he just doesn’t like it but with the Quinny Yezz he’s sitting up but its curved so he sits perfectly in it. He giggles and smiles so much in it 🙂


It was really really easy to push around, everyone wanted a push 🙂 (it was also easy to assemble, so easy I did it on my own)

The pushchair has a footrest but also the wheel at the front has a little bit that looks like a footrest and Harry has taken this to be his little seat (I have no idea what I was doing in the second picture)

The only small negatives I could give it are..

  • Small hood (we have a snoozeshade so it didn’t affect us)
  • Not alot of storage. It has a small pouch at the back, the size of the seat which I used for my phone and purse. There is nowhere to hang any bags so no good for shopping. We have a BabyMule backpack style changing bag so again this was not an issue
  • The wheels are similar to scooter wheels so wouldn’t be any good on rough terrain.
  • It doesn’t lay down so may not be good when he wants to sleep but we’ve not had him fall asleep in it yet so it may not be too bad as it is quite curved (like a hammock) so it may not be OK

Other than those, which to us were not all a problem, we love it! It is super easy to fold and open and it’s really small when folded so great to pack in the car. It also has a strap on the back so when folded, you can pop it on your shoulder.

So back to the Tropical Birdland. I love that you can buy some food and then feed them all the way around.

Most of the birds are free to roam so you can get up close and personal, my teen son and Daddy did just that.

Harry loved it and I can’t believe how close he got


After a while Jack saw that he was missing some of the action and wanted to get out and get closer to the birds too


So that gave Harry the perfect excuse to get in on the pushchair action. He’s 4 now so no longer needs a pushchair but we let him for a short while just to stop him being grumpy. He actually fitted in it quiet well so if you have an older child or tall child that still needs a pushchair then this would be good for you.

After watching the birds, we let the kids let off some steam in the park


And then we finished with more holding of birds. One jumped on me and I may of screamed which of course, everyone thought was hilarious!

It was a great day out which we all enjoyed, well I’m not sure what Jack thought as his face looked like this for most of it


If we find the pushchair OK for jack to sleep in then we plan to take it away with us on holiday in October because the ease of it is just so appealing. We also plan to but the raincover so it can be used in the cooler weather.


*We were sent the Quinny Yezz pushchair for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are honest and my own.


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Silent Sunday 

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Saturday is caption day 

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Weaning with Tommee Tippee 


As you know we’re in full swing with weaning Jack now. Having 4 children I like to think I’m quite a pro at the weaning stage now and I know what works best (to a certain extent anyway, kids surprise you all the time no matter how many you have) with each child I have always used Tommee Tippee products because I like the price, the ease of them and they’re always thinking of new products to help us parents.

With weaning they have a great range of products. We were recently sent some to test out and this is what we thought 🙂

We were sent

  • Tommee Tippee first cup from the basics range
  • Tommee Tippee 3 feeding bowls also from the basics range
  • Tommee Tippee 4 pop up pots
  • Tommee Tippee set of spoons

The cup, spoons and bowls we have used on a daily basis and love! They’re easy to use, simple to clean and are lovely and bright.

The pop up pots are something I’ve never used before and are brilliant! We occasionally use pouches of food but mainly we feed Jack on whatever we’re eating. But at this stage it is all trial and error to see what he likes. When we find something that he loves, I like to put some in the freezer for another day or for lunches or if we want something (takeaway) that he can’t eat. That’s where these pots come in. They’re the perfect size for a good portion so he gets the right amount. You pop them in the freezer/fridge and then the food just easily pops out (due to the silicone bottom) when needed, ready to heat.


I am loving weaning with Jack and honestly sometimes whilst out it is easier. When you solely bottle feed you can guarantee (no matter how many times you do it) that they will want a bottle as soon as you start eating but it’s not an issue when weaning because you can just give them some food to munch while you eat.


We’re still doing the baby led/spoon fed weaning but as he’s getting older it’s becoming more just baby led. We’ve let him try almost everything we have and we’ve not found much he doesn’t like, which is excellent.

He’s teething a bit at the moment so he hasn’t been as eager as usual but hopefully they pop out soon and we can try even more foods 🙂



*We were sent a few items to review but all words and opinions are my own and honest.

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