Randomise game review!


In this game, players are given random identities – such as a dizzy robot bungee jumping, a confused octopus eating spaghetti or a disguised giraffe playing air guitar – and can choose whether to act, describe or draw their identity for their team mates to guess.

It is such a fun game and gets the family together and gets them laughing and enjoying each other’s company. I hardly ever get photos of my kids laughing but they laughed lots during this game so I got a few. My mum played along too and it was hilarious! 

With the teenagers we struggle to get them to come out of their rooms apart from dinner time to spend time with us but they love this game and if we suggest to play it, the answer is always yes 🙂

But be warned, they do make you look incredibly stupid and unflattering in photos when you’re trying to describe a Angry Rhino Snowboarding 

The rules are simple, but with more than a million random identity combinations possible, every game is different… If you want to let your silly side out then this is the game for you! 
The game is available from Amazon for £9.99 which is a bargain for the hours of fun you can have. 
*we were sent this game for review but all words are honest and my own.  

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Silent Sunday 

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SnoozeShade Review! 

Just before we went on holiday we were sent a SnoozeShade. As the weather had been so rubbish we were going to leave it until we got back home but we decided to take it just in case and I am so glad we did, we used it loads! 

We had a day out to the seal sanctuary and it was so hot and sunny. We got the SnoozeShade out and It literally took 2 minutes to work it out and put it on. 

Jack wasn’t a fan at first

But as soon as we starting moving again he calmed down

And then another 3 minutes later, he was fast asleep! 

Normally we would have to think about where we walked so as not to get the sun in his eyes but with this we didn’t have to, we were free to enjoy our day. 

I found it also made him sleep a lot longer than he would normally too. 

We didn’t just use it as a sunshade either, we used it in the evenings while Harry was watching the character shows. It obviously didn’t keep the noise out but I think it did a little bit and it stopped the lights flashing in his eyes. We didn’t use it one evening and he was awake for hours, the other nights we used it, he stayed asleep through most of it. 


Universal fit baby sunshade and blackout blind for single prams, carrycots, pushchairs, buggies, strollers & travel systems with hoods

This versatile pram cover protects young skin from the sun (blocks 99% of UV) and helps baby sleep on-the-go

Use from birth it helps you get out of the house while your little one has a restful snooze

Easier, safer and better than a parasol, blanket or muslin to create shade and protects baby from wind, chill, insects and light rain
Made from air-permeable mesh it is small and lightweight and attaches easily with Velcro straps and elasticated sides

We love the SnoozeShade and will be using it lots because as it says, it’s not just a sunshade, it can be used for lots of other uses. I think it would be the perfect companion abroad. It’s so easy to store away too, it’s very light and can be folded down small. 

The SnoozeShade is available on Amazon for £18 with free delivery. I highly recommend it. If I had only borrowed this for a day, I would be buying it the very next day. 
*We were sent this SnoozeShade for the purposes of review but all opinions are my own and honest. 

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Feeling sad

Feeling so sad but you don’t know why, feeling so sad when you have no right

Everything you have is perfect, more than most people have. Yet you just can’t shift it, you’ve tried, but that just increased it

You’ve tried for so long to push it aside and tell yourself it will be alright

You tell yourself you’ve done it, it’s buried deep inside and to everyone around you, you’re back to the start

But it doesn’t go, it’s like an untreated disease and all it did was grow and become the worst it’s ever been 

You feel you don’t want to be here, you just don’t want to cope and yet somewhere inside you says you don’t want to go away 

Tom reminds me how much I love him when he helps so much with no hesitation 

The children smile and my heart grows with love but almost instantly the guilt bursts it

Going to sleep really late because you fear the morning but that only makes the morning worse

Having people around you, yet feeling so alone because you know they don’t understand

Worried if I tell people how I feel I’ll get the “why did you have four kids if you can’t cope?” Like it’s that simple

You know you don’t want to feel this way, but how to break the cycle? The doctor just scares you as they will see you as a failure. 
(I know it’s not written perfectly but I just jotted it down as it came out) 

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Silent Sunday 

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Saturday is caption day

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A bad experience with Brewers Fayre!

So today Brewers Fayre nearly made me cry. We all decided to treat ourselves to a meal out and we chose Brewers Fayre as we’ve always enjoyed it there, but not today.

We all sat down and ordered drinks and picked up menus to see what we wanted. Tom ordered, the teens ordered. Harry said he wanted nothing because he had tummy ache and I didn’t want anything either because I had a big lunch and I had stomach cramps but Tom said we couldn’t just have nothing so I said I would order a children’s chef corner which is a buffet style and said I might eat a couple of Harry’s chips because I have to take my iron pills and they’re not good with an empty stomach.

So we ordered and the waiter asked what I wanted and I just said “Oh I’ll just share with him” pointing to Harry and the waiter said “but you’re not a child”. Straight away my face went red and I felt so uncomfortable. I am still very hormonal after having Jack just 17 weeks ago and I honestly felt on the verge of tears. I just said “I don’t have to be a child to want a kids meal” even though I was not ordering it for me anyway. He said OK and just left. The people were looking at me and instantly I honestly wanted no food. A few minutes later another man came with a receipt saying I needed to change one of the kids meals to an adult one because I can’t have a children’s buffet meal. How embarrassing! I explained that I understand they probably thought I wanted to just get loads of food for a child’s price but that was not the case, I just didn’t want a meal, just a few bits. But he wouldn’t give up and kept going on so I just said forget it I will get food for Harry and I wont eat, he said OK and left. The waiters are always walking about so why make a big deal of it? Why not secretly spy on me and if they saw me with a big plate full of food THEN make a deal of it, not before I’ve even done anything wrong!

It made us all feel so uncomfortable. Tom and the teens eating while I didn’t. And it was all not worth it at all.

I ordered Harry this meal


If I was eating too I would have doubled the chips and added another burger. Harry ate 4 chips and then puked all over Tom. See he didn’t want any.

You know what makes the story even more annoying? My two teenagers are children and didn’t get questioned for having the kids buffet meal but they both ate 2 burgers, loads of chips, bacon strips, chicken and onion rings and that was not between them, that was each!

I will never go there again after that. There was really no need to make us have such a bad experience over me paying something like £5 and not £10. If I had I would have wasted even more money than I did!

Oh and Tom’s dinner of sausage and chips? The sausages were inedible


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Whisbear giveaway 

Shushing heart of Whisbear®
Whisbear® heart makes it possible for you to soothe the baby easily. The shushing device emits white noise, a sound that the baby remembers from the foetal life. This easy to use device, with option of volume control, operates for 40 minutes – in this time baby should drift into the deep sleep phase Soft Start/Soft Stop function gently turns the shushing on and off..
Innovative CRY SENSOR function

Smart shushing device makes Whisbear® the first ever Bear guarding your sleeping baby even while you have a well-deserved “me time” or simply when you are asleep too. Whisbear with CRYsensor function shushes for 40 minutes, after that time the sound gently fades out and the device switches to the standby mode. If Whisbear® recognizes cry of the awakening baby he will immediately respond with the calming sound, and after 20 minutes of additional shushing the device will re-enter its standby mode..

What makes Whisbear so great?

Bear different than any other

Whisbear® design, inspired by children’s drawings, was awarded by the Institute of the Industrial Design.

Whisbear® the Educator

Playing with Whisbear® is a perfect sensory stimulation for the baby. Rustling ears and paws as well as long legs, sewn from colorful and contrasting fabrics, provide your child with a lot of entertainment.

Whisbear® captures more than just your heart

You can take the Bear with you whenever you are out and about. He easily attaches not only to a cot frame but also to a pram handle, changing bag or a car seat.

Stylish Whisbear®

Whisbear® is equipped with a soft, velour bag so he can be tidy and elegant when he arrives to you. Later, the bag can be used to e.g. store nappies or change of clothes we you go for a walk.

Made in the European Union

100% EU design and production makes us proud! We also support Fair Trades rules and regulations.

Lifetime Warranty

Our company – Whisbear® ensures the highest quality of all the products we offer. We are here for our customers today as we will be tomorrow and in hundred years. We are here FOREVER!

The Whisbear is the perfect companion for your little one and I have one to giveaway to one lucky reader 🙂

Just enter the rafflecopter below

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Jack at 4 months old

So as we were on holiday, I forgot to post that Jack was 4 months old on Wednesday. Well he was 16 weeks, he’s not 4 months until the 13th may. I never know if I should go by weeks or months. 

So our little man is 4 months old. He has become a character lately. He’s a lovely cuddly boy, especially with me and he’s such a happy smiley baby. Until he wants feeding then he will usually scream until he gets it 🙂 He feeds every 3 hours on the dot, even if he is asleep in the car, he will still wake for that next feed! Harry used to miss feeds if we were in the car, but not Jack. 

He’s a little piggy. As I said he feeds every 3 hours and he’s on hungry baby milk too. He’s started watching us eat and he smacks his lips. And everything he gets hold of goes straight in his mouth! No way am I weaning him yet though. 

He’s still got a tiny tooth coming. It’s not majorly affected him yet though. He does get grouchy now and again but a bit of calpol or teething gel always calms him. 

The other kids still adore him. The two teens love having holds and always say good morning to him. Harry is still besotted but is still very much overpowering, he just gets right in his face and cuddles him and is always so close but Jack adores him and smiles every time he sees him. 

Look at the love in their eyes, it just melts my heart. 

Jack is still a big trumpy bottom, it’s actually quite embarrassing when out because he is so loud! 

He’s still not rolled over or tried to but if you lay him down on the floor he does move about by kicking his legs. 

His sleeping at night is really good. Sometimes he will go from 9/10pm at night until 5/6am but mostly he will have a feed at 8pm and go to bed then wake at 2/3am and then back off until 6/7am 🙂 

I am still absolutely loving getting to know him. I love it when it’s only myself and Jack up and we can have cuddles and a chat, he can be a little chatter box at times. 

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Silent Sunday 

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