Babease food range review


As you’re probably aware we’re in full swing with weaning Jack. It is so much fun (more so than with my other children) and we love trying new flavours and textures with him so when Babease we couldn’t wait to start trying them!

Babease say….

At Babease we passionately believe the exciting journey of food starts from the very first mouthful.

That’s why our experts; a Chef, a Nutritionist and the best experts we know Mums, have created a perfectly balanced vegetable led range of recipes for your baby, where every ingredient is used for a reason.

And I love their quote…  Food for babies, not baby food.


First we tried Jack with the sweet potato, butternut squash and pear and he absolutely loved it! I was planning on only giving him half a pouch but he had the whole pouch!



Next we tried the broccoli, parsnip, green and puy lentils and he did not like this one, he just refused to eat and would spit it out. Then we tried the pumpkin and pea and he didn’t eat the whole pouch as before but he did eat a quarter, I personally just think he didn’t want much food at that time.

So 2 out of 3 is not bad. Children, like adults have different taste buds and will favour some flavours over others. You may have a baby that liked one and not the other, I don’t think it anyway is because of the product.

Things I love….

  1. They have different coloured caps for the different age ranges on their pouches
  2. They are pouches which makes them easy for out and about
  3. They have a big range of both sweet and savoury
  4. Every ingredient is used for a reason
  5. They use premium organic ingredients

And there is nothing we don’t like.

We also got sent a bag and a bib (which he is wearing in the photo above) which you can also buy on their website. I’ve used the bag a few times now, it’s super handy.


So all in all a big thumbs up from us 🙂


*We were sent these products for the purposes of review but all opinions are honest and my own.


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Free/cheap days out in The Midlands 


So these are our go to days out where we know it wont cost us much money but we have a fab day, every time!

All of the places listed below are places I have visited myself and will visit again because we enjoy it 🙂

  1. Coombe Abbey Country Park 
  2. Bosworth Water Park
  3. Burbage common
  4. St. John’s open house museum
  5. Oak Farm Park
  6. St. Nicholas Park- Warwick


Do you have any others I can add to my diary?

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Silent Sunday


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Saturday is Caption Day





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SS Rockin’ Baby collection and giveaway! 

rockin baby

Buying baby clothes is my favourite thing. I don’t just like plain ordinary clothes though, I always look around for bright items. When I was approached about trying out what RockinBaby‘s new S/S collection I was delighted as they have some gorgeous pieces.

But the clothes isn’t just why I like it I also love their ethnics. Child – to – Child is For every item of clothing you buy, they will give one to a child in need.



How fab is that?

Anyway back to the clothes. We were sent….

  • Crawlin’ Multi Square Print Legging – £12

  • Amusin’ Icecream Van Shorty Romper – £20

  • Crawlin’ Colour Block Legging – £12

  • Rollin’ Boat All Over Print Tee – £13 

I adore every item. The colours are so bright and the quality is so good! The material is so soft, which is what you want when dressing a baby but also feels built to last whatever a child has in store for it. I love how the tee has an envelope neck like most vests, it makes dressing a lot easier. Jack looks so gorgeous in every item.

We’ve had the items a couple of weeks now so have used on many occasions and washed too and they still look the same as the first day we received them. The colour is still bright and bold and they have retained there shape, nothing is loose fitting.

We get complimented every time he wears an item 🙂

Harry is not ready to crawl yet but I plan to buy some of these leggings when he does because they would be perfect. They’re soft so will be gentle on his knees and because they’re harem style, they’re loose fitting so wont restrict him but not too loose that they will fall down when crawling.

Rockin’ Baby are becoming a new go-to shop for us now. I can’t recommend their clothes enough.


This is after 3 washes

I like to buy items of clothing that I think will re-sell after because, well we all want to get our monies worth. And these will definitely sell well because even through weaning and several washes, they still look great.

A big thumbs up from us! And I have a brilliant competition to win an outfit from the new SS Collection in the size of our choice 🙂 Just enter the Rafflecoter below, good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*We were sent some items for the purposes of review but all  opinions are my own and honest.

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Chi Kitchen Review

I was recently asked to try Chi Kitchen located in the Debenhams in the Bullring Shopping Centre, Birmingham.

I accepted and thought I’d make a nice day of it with my step mum, Dawn with shopping and sight-seeing because it’s a 30 minute train journey for us.


Anyway the night before I decided to have a little scan of the menu and honestly? I was really nervous. I’m not a fussy eater and like to try new things but there are things I don’t like and honestly nothing really looked appealing to me. But I am so glad we went because it was amazing! I know it’s like I have to say that but if I didn’t enjoy it I would say or I would be polite and say “it wasn’t really for me but you may like it”. But I, and my step mum whole heartedly loved it!

When we first arrived we were greeted with lovely smiles and friendly staff and taken to our seats.

I love how we were given the option of knife and fork, spoon or chopsticks, I nice little touch.

After a few minutes we were given complimentary pawn crackers and a sweet chilli dip (I don’t think they were called that, but that was interpretation of them) they were really yummy and got us excited about what else was in store.


We were asked what we would like to drink and we were boring and chose coke and lemonade. When the drinks came it was time to order…..

So what did we have? First we started with some starters which were called small plates. We ordered two dishes and shared them.

Beef Kushiyaki



Chicken Wings

Both were amazing! The chicken wings were really spicy and the beef was cooked to perfection. The mains were really yummy but if I went again, I would choose a different main to have a change but I will definitely be ordering the exact same starter!

For our main I ordered

And Dawn ordered

Both took a little while to come out, which we were informed of when ordering because they are cooked from fresh. I was perfectly happy with the wait because it didn’t feel too long and the food was outstanding! I loved every part of mine, it tasted far better than from a takeaway.The rice was, as I tried to explain to Dawn was more eggy (I know it’s not a word) than usual but in a nice way. The rice was cooked just right and was not at all stodgy, it was very light.

I had a taste of Dawn’s curry and oh my goodness, the lamb just melted in my mouth, it was divine! And it had a good little kick with it too, Dawn got the sweats half way through 🙂 But she finished the lot!

After our mains we felt pretty full so was unsure if we could manage puddings but the waitress came over and ordered us another round of drinks and said to relax and enjoy the evening and see how we feel in a while. Well she was right because we soon started to fancy a little sweet finish.

I ordered vanilla Ice cream (I know, wild!)


It was the nicest vanilla icecream I have ever tasted and just finished off my meal perfectly.

Dawn ordered Chocolate Sphere which I was quite jealous of!


It was a chocolate sphere with vanilla ice cream and strawberries inside and a warm caramel sauce to pour on top. The caramel sauce was the nicest thing ever! Dawn mistakenly let me have a try and that was it, I pinched several spoonfuls. If i could have bought some of that sauce, I would have cleaned them out!

Here is a little video of the sauce melting the chocolate sphere..

At the end the restaurant owner Eddie Lim and Head Chef Arjunan Sokalingam came to greet us and made us feel very special. They were both super friendly and happy to talk to us. We even had a photo with them both


All in all it is a massive thumbs up from us. I will definitely be visiting again. If you want to try them out, they have two locations. Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham and Oxford Street in London and in the Debenhams of both locations.

*I was given all food free of charge for the purposes of review but all words and pinions are my own and honest.

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Heavenly Coconut Squishies Review! 

So as you may know. Jack is now 6 months so we have started weaning him. We’re going with a mix of baby led weaning and purée fed. It worked with Harry so we’re going with it again. If Jack prefers one way to the other we will go with that.

Heavenly Tasty kindly sent us some lovely items to review with Jack. We were sent

  • Mango, Apple and Banana Coconut Squishies
  • Strawberry, Apple and Banana Coconut Squishies
  • Spinach Apple and Kale Wafer Wisps
  • Pumpkin and Banana Wafer Wisps


It’s safe to say the Wafer Wisps were a hit, and not just with Jack but also with Harry 🙂

So why organic? This is what Heavenly Tasty say

To put it simply, organic food is packed with nutrients.  Your baby’s digestive system is more efficient at absorbing food to enable the nutrients to be used up quickly to meet the demands of their fast developing bodies.  Recent research has shown that switching to organic crop consumption is the equivalent to eating one or two additional portions of fruit or vegetables per day.*

Personally I’ve always bought my children organic snacks because… well everyone knows it’s better don’t they? But now I’ve read this, I am even more pleased I buy organic and feel happier in the fact I do. I think if I wasn’t already, I would switch.

The squishies I put in a bowl and spoon fed jack because I don’t think he’s old enough to hold them yet. But he didn’t complain and wolfed down half a pouch in no time!


But half a pouch was not enough and he demanded the other half and then wolfed that down just as fast. And we had hardly any mess!


I know it sounds like I have to say, but Jack really has loved these and now I take a pouch out with me every time we leave the house because I know it’s the one thing he will definitely eat. He’s tried both the mango and the strawberry pouches and he loves both equally.

They get a massive thumbs up from me and if you’re just starting weaning or in full swing, I highly recommend you check them out 🙂



*We were sent these products for the purposes of review but all opinions are my own and honest.

* Newcastle University, 2014, British Journal of Nutrition

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Our Weaning Journey


So now Jack is 6 months we have started to wean him. It’s been slow going so far because he doesn’t seem to be really ready. He is ready and is enjoying different foods but he’s not at the point of want 3 meals a day, it’s just a bit here and there. He is completely different to my other 3 children because all of them were ready to be weaned before 6 months (between 4-5 months)

We’re going with a mix of puree fed and BLW (baby led weaning) because that has worked well for us before.

I didn’t really enjoy weaning the other children because I didn’t feel ready to wean them because they felt too young (it’s always us parents that are not ready for the milestones) but with Jack, I feel it’s the right time and because it’s going slowly and not because they’re demanding more food, it’s quite fun.


So far he has tried

  • cucumber
  • biscuit
  • carrots, cauliflower and pea puree
  • Spinach, apple and Kale wafer wisp
  • yogurt
  • Farley’s rusk and milk

I’m looking forward to trying some more finger foods with him soon.


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Silent Sunday


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Saturday is Caption Day



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