Word of the Week 29/8/14

This week my word is SCHOOL the kids finally went back to school yesterday.


Only for two hours because they are year 8 & 9 and it gives the new year 7’s a chance to settle in on their own.

I do love having the kids at home and spending time with them but 6 weeks is far too long. We all get irritated with each other and I feel like I don’t get a break with the late nights and the constant activities an days out, it’s also not great for my bank balance!

The kids were excited to go back and (apart from a horrible tantrum) Harry and I had a lovely couple of hours together :)

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Sex after children

Can you still enjoy sex after children? Yes and no.

Babies- yes This is the one time you can’t be arsed and tired but it’s the best time to enjoy it because the kids don’t have a clue what you’re doing.

Toddlers- yes Again you will be knackered and not arsed (doesn’t matter how old they get, you will not stop being tired) but again they still have no idea what you’re doing so it’s fine to enjoy.

School age- yes If you work nights, are stay at home parents, work close to home etc then you can do it while they are at school, perfect! If you don’t then don’t worry because you still can. Yes they are more inquisitive and WILL interrupt you BUT you can palm it off as something innocent, I.e
“Daddy is tickling mummy”
“Mummy had a bad dream”

Because luckily at this age they are still innocent and have no idea what you’re doing.

Tween/teens Yes and no You can but only when they are at sleepovers or again if you get chance when they are at school. DO NOT consider it when they are at home! It doesn’t matter how quiet or sneaky you think you are, those little shits WILL hear you and will embarrass the fuck out of you!

They will tell anyone who will listen what you shouted out!
They will ask you “why did you say that?”
They will tell you that you are so old and should not be doing that stuff
They will tell you that you are gross and totally make the good feeling go

Tweens/teens sleep in? Oh yes they do UNTIL YOU WANT TO HAVE SEX then the little shits will decide to be up early that day and they will wait until that crucial moment to just walk in and say “good is it?”

Good feeling = gone!

You have been warned! If you have a child/ren under 10 then enjoy because it will steadily disappear.
What age is suitable for them to leave home? 14 is fine right?

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Trendy tots Thursday

This week has been a little cooler (I love it) so I’ve been able to break out the warmer clothes of Harry’s new 2-3 year wardrobe :)



Jeans are from Next £8
Jumper is F&F at Tesco £4 in the sale
Leggings are Slugs & Snails £13
Raincoat is from Next £16

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Wicked Wednesday

Stay in my pushchair you say? Whatever! I can escape any obstacle! Mwahahaha


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Rainbow Braid 5400 piece loom refill kit

So loom bands! Yes we are all aware of them, they have hit this house massively! Not with me but with the teen and tween, to be honest even the toddler likes playing with them :)

I would love to say that I hate them (well I’m not keen on cleaning them up) but I can’t. They have bought my children together, it’s the one thing that they don’t argue over. Plus they have bought out the children’s creative side which I think is a brilliant thing.

Yes they have caused headlines in the news with how dangerous they are but personally I don’t think they cause a huge risk to my children. Children can get injured with any toy, that’s the joy of having kids :)

Anyway we were recently asked if we would like to review some from Rainbow Braid the kids were more excited than I have seen them for a long time.

We were sent the Rainbow Braid 5400 Piece refill kit when it first came I was impressed. The delivery was really fast and there was a good variety of vibrant colours. I was worried because it looked a fair amount,

photo_1 (47)

but they had to be shared between a teen and a tween and I thought they might cause arguments,

photo_2 (46)

But actually it turned out that once they had been given half a pack each, they had tons! There is more in those little packs that it looks. They both couldn’t fit them in their tubs. They did already have some bands but they had lots of room before adding them these.

I think if you plan on getting these for one child, they wont need any more for a long time!

My two have not stopped playing with them since getting them, they have made loads of things..


but still have lots left. I’m thinking of buying them a pack each for Christmas, to keep them occupied for months after :)

I like these peaceful moments occasionally :)


If you would like to get some, you can via Amazon for £14.90 and free delivery, bargain! They work out much cheaper than buying individual packs.


I was sent these bands for the purpose of this review but all words and opinions are my own. 

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Silent Sunday 24/8/14


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A day at the farm.

This week we visited Oak Farm Park we’ve been once before but that was with just Harry, this time we took all 3 children.
All 3 absolutely loved it! There is so much to do, it’s amazing that it was only £3 per person and free for Harry :)

They had go karts


Play park, with giant sandpit

bouncy castle, trampoline, indoor soft play, toy ride on tractors, all included in the price!
They also had donkey rides for a charge but it was only £1 :)

It was Harry’s first time on a donkey, I thought he wouldn’t want to do it but he patiently waited his turn and then loved every second of it! He didn’t want to get off :)


We are definitely going again soon. If we go when the older two are in school (term time) parents are free, you just have to pay for the children, so it only costs £3 for a few hours fun, bargain!

I don’t have as many photo’s as I’d like but both mine and Tom’s phone battery went dead.


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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