Silent Sunday 

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Saturday is caption day 

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Chicken pox strikes again

You may remember a couple of weeks ago I wrote that Harry had chicken pox? Well he’s have all gone now but sadly now Jack has them 😞

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday he didn’t seem too bad, just a little spotty and maybe a bit more sleepy and clingy than usual. Sadly Wednesday night (last night) all changed and he was very very unsettled. Poor thing kept falling asleep then waking up scratching. He wanted cuddles but couldn’t get comfy. It was awful to see him so sad.

Today he is covered in spots and not happy at all.

He’s not eating anything and doesn’t want much drink either but we are managing to get some down him.

We’re really unsure of how to ease them because with Harry he just had lots of baths with oats but Jack hates baths and acts as if you’re putting him in acid.

Any tips?

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Saturday is Caption Day 

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Messy Me Clutch Bag Review 

I have a changing bag that we adore and take everywhere with us but honestly sometimes I go out to the park or wriggly readers at the library etc and the changing bag is a bit of a pain because I just don’t want to log everything out just for a short time. So when I received this clutch bag from Messy me it was brilliant. It’s a little clutch bag that’s easy to hold or pop under the pushchair (my big changing bag is a rucksack so cant do that) and it fits actually quite a lot in. It has a little changing mat inside and can fit a couple of nappies, a pack of wipes, nappy sacks and some nappy cream. I can also roll up a sleep suit and pop it in just in case. 

It also means I can take my handbag out which I rarely do these days.


Clutch bag – 19 cm x 30 cm

Mini mat – 52 cm x 41 cm 
I love that the bag and the changing mat are easily wiped clean, so any accidents are not a problem. 

I love the style, the colour (it is available in different colours on the website which are also lovely) 

It’s something that I think will be kept in the car and used on a regular basis in the summer for the park, a picnic, a walk etc. I’m hoping in the summer to start going out without the pushchair and more carrier or Harry’s old trike so this will be super handy for those times. 

You can find the clutch and many of their other fantastic products on the website linked above, go take a look 🙂 

*i was sent this bag for the purposes of review but all opinions are my own. 

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In The Night Garden Live Tickets 

Do you have a ITNG fan in your life? Then why not take them along the the spectacular In The Night Garden Live? The delightful children’s classic returns for its eighth consecutive summer tour, which also coincides with In the Night Garden’s 10th anniversary celebrations.
I have been lucky enough to have been given some fantastic discount codes for all my lucky readers, valid until the 10th of march. 

The dates are 

Blackheath, London

25 May – 10 Jun 2017 (no shows Tue 30 May, 6 June)

Richmond Old Deer Park, London
17 Jun – 5 Jul 2017 (no shows Wed 21, 28 June)

Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham
12 Jul – 30 Jul 2017 (no shows Tue 18, 25 July)

intu Trafford Centre, Manchester
5 Aug – 28 Aug 2017 (no shows Tue 8, 15, 22 August)

You can order your tickets at

The code is EARLY77D. This unique code will provide you with £5 off orders over £60, or 5% off orders under that. 
Best of all, all tickets are covered by the Flexible Exchange Policy, so if you need to you can swap your tickets for another time and date for a small fee. 

Enjoy 🙂 
*Coupon will take £5 off orders over £60, or 5% off orders under £60. Ts & Cs apply, please visit for more info.

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Harry’s top 5 films 

One milestone I love (if you could call it that) is when the children got to an age where they would sit and watch a film. Not because I wanted the peace (though that is lovely) but because it’s another great activity to enjoy together. Harry has just got to the age now where he enjoys sitting through a film and I love it because it means family movie nights can now include him. We love to snuggle under a blanket, eating snacks and watching a film. None of us talk, yet it does bring us closer together. 

I try to introduce new films to Harry but he has 5 films that are firm favourites and he will choose them over and over again. 

1. Wreck it Ralph 

2. Hotel Transylvania 2

3. Toy Story (all3) 

4. Minions Movie

5. Ratatouille 

He also liked, but hasn’t watched again… zootropolis, the fox and the hound, the good dinosaur, Aladdin, Inside Out, Mary Poppins, Monsters Inc, Wall.E, The Incredibles, Matilda, Flushed Away.

Which ones are your little ones favourites? I’d love to find some more he would like. 

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When to let your teen daughter’s boyfriend sleep over? 

My daughter is 16 now and her boyfriend recently stayed over for a night. 

I was so worried when she first asked because I really didn’t know what to say. My first initial thought was absoloutely not but then I started to think about myself as a teen. When you get told not to do something, it automatically made you want it more. 

Obviously I’m worried about her having sex but if I try to keep her away from it then I fear it will just make her want it more. 

Teenagers are not the most trustworthy but there comes a time when I have to just trust her. It scares the life out of me but a lot of parenting does. 

It’s a tough one because I obviously don’t want her to have sex yet but I also don’t want her to see sex as something wrong, because it’s not. 

I’ve wondered about putting her on the pill but then I worry I am giving the message that I’m ok with it. 

Anyway I was very strict about where they both slept and I had him in with teen son because he doubled as a spy. 

She’s also slept at his house because I discussed the sleeping arrangements with his mum.

I wish I knew how hard raising teens were when they were little, I think I would have enjoyed them being little so much more. 

What age were you/your child? Any advice?  

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Silent Sunday 

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Saturday is Caption Day

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