Sun Jellies Review!

I recently purchased some jelly shoes from Sun Jellies I will be honest I’ve never really liked jelly shoes, I was sucked in by the hype over social media and they had an amazing 2 for 1 offer on.
And I thought I could always send them back.

But I am so so glad that I did, I absolutely love them! They are so comfy! I’ve not worn any of my other shoes since getting these.

Here are my top 10 reasons why you should get some…..

1) they are super comfy!
2) you can get wet in them and they dry without having to take them off
3) they look great with everything
4) they cool you down. Lots of shoes make me really hot in summer, but not with these.
5) they last through to autumn. They look great with tights!
6) they have a great selection of colours, all of which are lovely
7) they have them in children and adult sizes
8) they are made from 100% recyclable , soft PVC
9) they are durable
10) they are inexpensive

I chose silver glitter and violet



It took me ages to choose these colours, I want them all!
My teen wants some now too and I’m pretty sure the toddler does too (even though he can’t say so) I love how they are unisex, no boys/girls sections :)

I would definitely recommend them!

I was not sent these as a review, I bought them with my own money, I just wanted to share my thoughts

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A bad mother

Iv’e been unsure if I should write this post or not but I think I need to to get it out of my system.

My mum has never been great but she has really pushed it this time. I can’t believe what an awful person she is being.

Let me take you back. My OH has a full time job working nights for Tesco but he is very talented at building things and gardens and basically everything :)

Anyway my mum wanted her back garden doing. It looked a total mess so needed a total makeover. Tom agreed to do it for £150. Really really cheap and not enough but he agreed because it’s family. He said it wouldn’t be done really quickly because he had a full time job and she was fine with that.

Tom did a few things he bought £50 in hardcore, took some tyres to her house (15min drive) to make a feature, he cleared her shed, trips to the tip etc. We were at their house one day and Tom was going to complete it when this happened so he left and came home to comfort me.

After that we all got really ill (you know the bugs that never disappear) and Tom was so ill he had to have a month off work. We heard nothing from my mum in all this time.

We were out one day and she text me ‘I want my money back’ that’s right no how are you or the kids, nothing! So we got into an argument. I never once got angry I just kept repeating that she’s not asked how any of us are, she doesn’t ask to see the kids etc etc

All she kept saying was she wanted the £150 back.

We stopped taking for months again and then she text’s again ‘I want my money back’ but this time the tween had received no birthday card or present.

Again we had a text argument all the time with me saying how crap a mother she is and that all she cares about is money. She always has been like that. Not once did she acknowledge that Tom has done a lot of work, more than a £150 worth and that she has not asked how any of my children or myself are.

Again we didn’t talk for ages and today I got another text, this is exactly how the conversation went……

Mum: I want my money back friday

Me: yes again myself and kids are fine, thanks for asking

Mum: I will ask you how you are when I get my money back

Me: And that just shows you what I have said before, all you care about is money! Why are you a bad mum? Take a look at yourself! If you don’t see that you are doing anything wrong then we are all better off without you.

Mum: that’s fine if that’s how you feel give me my money back and do what you want

Me: your not owed any money

Mum: yes I am

Me: not from us so go sniffing around someone else for money

Mum: yes I am I paid £150 to do my garden and it wasn’t done

Me: Tom did £150 worth of work

Mum: No he didn’t he just made it a mess give me my money or I don’t want to know you any more. You don’t do things like that to your mother

Me: Ok that’s fine, I don’t want to know you any more. You also shouldn’t do things like this to your daughter and her children.

No more!

I am not giving her any money. She want’s £150 back and that is definitely not happening. There is a lot more to this story. She has upset me on more that this occasion, never apologising. In the texts before I said that she never asks if the kids are ok and she hasn’t seen them in months and he reply was  that she shouldn’t have to ask to see them. If we are not speaking, then she doesn’t bother with my kids, ever! For instance she didn’t bother with the tween’s birthday and I bet she doesn’t with Harry’s next week either.

She is the worst kind there is! For instance she bought my step sister’s little girl a christening present, they feel out so she gave the gifts to some of her other grandchildren. My sister lives a couple of hours away and she never see’s her chidren. My brother (who the sun shines out of her butt even though he’s an arse) has moved near my sister. She call’s my sister to ask about my brother and talk about his daughter but never asks about my sister and her kids.

I also had a miscarriage while all this was going on.


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Silent Sunday 27/7/14


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A family day out

Today has been brilliant! Myself, OH, Dad, Step-mum and three kids have had a fun filled family day 😀
First stop was Bosworth water park we have been in here and have enjoyed it every time! The only little complaint we have is that parking used to be £3-£5 for a day, today it was £8 for a few hours! But it still is a cheap family day out.
We walked, played football, enjoyed the park, relaxed and the older two kids had fun swimming in the lake 😀

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After all the excitement of that we were starving so decided to have a BBQ at my dad and step-mums and finished the day off with a drink in the village pub, perfect!



Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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You are nearly 2!

So it two weeks Harry will turn 2! Yes I know everyone says it but I really can’t believe it! It’s going far too fast!
I really don’t want him to be 2 :-(

But I know it’s coming wether I like it or not so in trying to enjoy it.
He doesn’t do as much as some children his age but I still think he’s pretty amazing.
He makes us laugh everyday but at the same time is very frustrating everyday!
He is very good at tantrums, very good! He hates to be told no (well tough mister because it has to be said sometimes)
He understands pretty much everything you say to him.
He doesn’t put many words together (some but not a lot) but he does let you know what he wants with single words and actions. I can understand almost everything he says.
He tries to count, he goes with the rhythm but says two two two, very cute!
He’s still very good at eating and sleeping. We have the odd bad night or he won’t eat but it’s only when he’s teething or poorly.
He loves curious George, peppa pig, gigglebiz, mr tumble and jake and the neverland pirates.
His favourite word is no, he has said this one a lot lately.

He’s changed so much in such a short space of time, it’s amazing to watch.

He can be very grumpy but we all love Harry very much!


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Trendy tot Thursday

This week we all went to London for the day and I love the outfit Harry had on for the day!


The fox top is from kynaboutique I love their clothes
Shorts are f&f at Tesco

This is my favourite outfit this week but also the only outfit this week because all 3 kids have not worn a lot because of the heat 😊

If you would like to join in with this linky, head over the Clearlybex or TheMotherGeek

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Loud n proud

On Monday we visited London for the day (post here) I was worried before we went. My children are pretty well behaved when we go out, I’m always complimented on their behaviour but a day trip to London I thought might be different. Firstly it was hot! That’s not great when you have kids. Secondly it’s so busy so they can’t just walk up ahead or chat down the street and forgetting the world for a little bit, like kids like to do.
And because we were in London and visiting harrods I wanted, well probably too much of them actually. But you know what I mean.

Anyway as it happens, on the day they were brilliant! So well behaved. I know they are good children but they do have their moments and it’s usually when you least want it. They did have a couple of tantrums, all 3 of them, but they were resolved quickly and I didn’t have to get stressed. It made the day extra fun and I can’t wait to do it again soon :)

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