Silent Sunday


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Saturday is Caption day





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Top 10 Christmas family films!

I love Christmas! I love everything about it but I especially love how it brings families closer together. having two teenagers, a 4 year old and a baby, we don’t often spend time together because the kids are doing homework, out with friends, playing on gadgets etc but come December we make an extra effort because 1) we’re all excited and 2) the kids are making an effort to get on the nice list ūüôā

One of the things that bring us closer is snuggling on the sofa in our pj’s with hot chocolate and popcorn watching a Christmas film so I thought I would share our favourites with you.

These are our favourites that we watch every single year, usually more than once ūüôā

I have lots more favourites but these are the ones all of us can watch together. Which ones are your favourites?




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Boots Mini Club Christmas Clothing 

I’ve been a fan of Boots Mini Club now for many years, but for some reason I’ve never got my children anything from there around Christmas time, no reason why, I just haven’t. So when Boots got in touch and asked if I’d like to review some items for the boys, I couldn’t wait!

They have so many nice items, I struggled to choose what to get. They have items from wrapping up warm, to party outfits, to Christmas jumpers and seasonal pyjamas.

I chose a lovely hat and glove set for Harry because it’s suddenly got really cold
And matching Christmas jumpers.



They had a few to choose from but Harry wanted to match his brother and he loves elves so we went with the elf one.
How adorable? I can see them wearing these a lot throughout December


The quality of everything we received is so good. As you can imagine, it didn’t take long for these jumpers to need a wash and I was quite nervous but they came out the wash as if they were just bought and retained there size.

They do look very cute but I think the blue suits Harry better than Jack so I think I’m going to get Jack a red Santa one too. You can never have too many Christmas themed clothing ūüôā


If you’re on the lookout for some festive children’s clothing, definitely take a look at the website, they have some gorgeous items.


*We were sent some items for the purposes of review, but all words and opinions are my own and honest

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Summer Infant Pop n Sit Portable Booster Seat Review 


  • Lightweight, folding frame sets up in seconds, perfect for feeding or playtime
  • Detachable, dishwasher safe tray
  • Includes 3-point safety harness and chair safety straps for use on adult chair
  • Convenient carrying case makes this booster perfect for a day in the park, at the beach, or trip to a friends house
  • Up to 3 years, max 15 Kg

This product from Summer Infant gets a massive thumbs up for us. We keep it in the car and it is amazing the amount of times it has come in handy. Jack has got to the wriggle stage so trying the feed him without a highchair is a nightmare and very messy. But we have found that some places don’t have a highchair available. My dad and step mum and my mum and step dad don’t keep a highchair at their house so it’s come in handy there. 

We used it at a club on bonfire night, as you can see below


It folds really small and has a handy carry bag so is really convenient to always keep close. It folds and closes really easily too.


I love the fact that it will last until he’s 3 years old. I can see this being used all the time in the summer. At the park, on picnics, at the beach, the list is endless! It will be handy at picnics etc for him to be put on the floor but it also comes with a safety straps so he can be safely put on an adult chair in a restaurant or similar.


As you can see Jack is happy sitting in it. He would actually rather sit in this one than his normal highchair.

So far we’ve found it really easy to clean too because the tray is easily wiped but so far so has the chair. And when there is lots of food in the seat, it’s so light, you can just pick it up and empty it into a bin. 

 We really do love this seat and highly recommend it. We’ve had compliments of “that is brilliant” every time we’ve used it ūüôā 
*we were sent this chair for the purposes of review but all opinions are my own and honest. 

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Silent Sunday 

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Saturday is caption day 

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For Aisha Baby Pouches Review 


Our journey began some time ago, when we started looking far afield for our recipes. We wanted our recipes to have an authentic taste but be nutritionally suitable for infants who are starting solids (particularly meat) for the first time.We travelled far; to North Africa, Western and Southern Asia and to The Middle East. We short-listed hundreds of recipes down to a few, brought them home and developed them with the aid of our expert baby food chef, into a range of exotic recipes that would bring variety and health benefits to babies‚Äô diets. It took some time…

After numerous trips from our kitchen, to taste testing with families in nurseries and back again, parents agreed that our top 10 recipes were good to go! From these beginnings, for aisha was lovingly created as the perfect halal solution for every little boy and girl.

We trust that the taste variety and weaning benefits that for aisha baby food provides will bring your little loved ones health and happiness; helping to raise them for a lifetime of wonderful food adventures.



For Aisha have a great range of stage 2 and stage 3 pouches. As Jack is 10 months, we were sent some stage 3 pouches. We received….

  • Green bean and lamb curry with lentils
  • Chicken and sweet potato curry
  • Chicken rainbow quinoa

The first thing I noticed about the pouches is that they are quite large. Jack couldn’t eat a full pouch but it means one pouch gave us two portions, which makes them great value for money.

The second thing that surprised us was the smell. Baby food pouches usually taste gross and smell it too but with the For Aisha pouches they just smelt like I had cooked a yummy dinner. Even Daddy and the teens mentioned how nice they smelt. I even had a little taste and was pleasantly surprised.


Jack has tried all three and enjoyed all three too, his favourite being the chicken and sweet potato curry, he loved it! I couldn’t get it down him fast enough! And there was hardly any mess (which is a massive bonus).


We primarily baby led wean but when we’re out and about and fancy some fast food or for some reason we don’t get home in time for dinner, it’s great to have a pouch handy. We always keep a couple in the changing bag, just in case.

I would definitely buy these pouches again because I love that jack can try foods different parts of the world at such a young age.




*We were sent the pouches for the purposes of review but all opinions are my own and honest.

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Silent Sunday


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Should I stop giving pocket money? 

Lately we have been having a few difficulties with our teen son and pocket money. We give both teens ¬£10 a week each, providing they do all the chores we ask of them (washing up or loading dishwasher after dinner, hoovering, cleaning their rooms, changing litter box etc) usually a couple of things a day taking 20 minutes or so of their time. 

We’ve always let them buy whatever they want with it. Teen daughter saves up and buys herself makeup, clothes, cimema etc but lately has been saving for Christmas presents, just her boyfriend, mum and dad and siblings. 

Teen son however has bought junk food every week and last week came home with a bike and said he bought it from a friend for ¬£10. We told him to take it back and get his money back but he said his friend wouldnt do that so we just cast it off as a silly mistake and told him to not do anything like that again. Yesterday he received his ¬£10 again and he said he was going to start saving for Christmas presents now. We’ve said he doesn’t have to buy much, maybe a couple of pounds each person. It’s more about learning the joy of giving and not just receiving. 

Both kids have a Go Henry card which means I can top them up on my app and I can see what they spend and where and I can also put limits as to where and how much they can spend. 

So as I was saying teen son got his ¬£10 and said he was going to save but on the way to school I got a notification that he had withdrew it, again! I asked him why when he got home and do you know what he spent it on? He gave it to the boy for the bike, again! We had a big argument and got nowhere because he always says “my money so I can do what I want” or “I earned it so I should be able to spend it on what I want” 

Am I unreasonable to be angry that he is wasting his money? Yes he has earned it but it’s not like he’s got a job and so can enjoy his wages. He helps out in the house, as he should at 14. We’re not rich and it’s annoying me that we give him money for him to just waste. 

I’ve tried to explain that he is lucky to get ¬£10 a week, a year ago he wasn’t getting anything! I just don’t know what to do. I’ve considered stopping the pocket or putting a limit on his card so he can’t spend it. But is that mean? 

I feel doing chores around the house and getting pocket money are for helping your child to learn basic life skills and to teach the true value of money so they can be independent adults, but I just don’t think he’s getting that. 

What would you do? 

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