What’s in the boys Christmas Eve boxes

So I’m not usually big on the whole Christmas Eve box because I think they can be a bit too competitive between parents and it sort of takes the joy out of it. But I’m not interested in being ‘the best’ and when what I have put in the boxes, I give the boys every year anyway, I just thought maybe this year it would be nice to put in a cheap box because I like the idea of the boys having a little treat before the madness of the big day.

So the box was from Wilko and was about £1.50

And inside we have….

An activity book (this is more for Harry) (Aldi) and some chocolate coins (Wilko)

A bag of Aldi popcorn, some play snow (garden centre) and a hot wheels car each (Aldi)

A pair of Grinch socks each (Primark), A mini Elf Mug each (Next) and a hot chocolate sachet each (Tesco)

I think that’s plenty. Something to wear (they already have Christmas pjs from last year), something to eat, something to drink and something to play.

Do you have Christmas Eve boxes? What do you put inside?

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Silent Sunday

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Saturday is Caption Day

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Weight Loss Journey- Week 33

Weight – 2lb gain

Points – Minus 6 points

Feeling – Again this week I’ve not eaten great so it’s no surprise I’ve gained. But I am really feeling rubbish lately so I know I’ve got to put a stop to the bad eating.

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Cool gifts for all ages from Paladone

I love Paladone and have a few of their items so when they asked me if I’d like to work with them, I jumped at the chance! They sent me a list of items and told me to choose 3. Now I thought three things I’m bound to find something I like. It turns out I liked everything bar one item so I had a tough decision to make. I eventually chose three and when they were delivered, it was like Christmas had come early.

So what did I get you ask?

This Sega Saturn Smartphone Controller. Now I was really excited about this but was disappointed when it arrived because I didn’t notice that it’s only for android phones and tablets. We all have iPhones and iPads. But I have got an old kindle that I’m going to dig out so I can play.

Next up is this Nintendo Gameboy watch. Now this is definitely something for all ages because Tom and I love it (age 36) my son (16) watched me open them and when he saw this said “this is pretty cool actually” which is big for a 16 year old lad. And when my 6 year old saw it, he thought it was cool too. So if you’ve got someone you’re stuck for this Christmas, I recommend this.

Now this one I am most excited about but no one in the house is bothered about. It’s one of those things where you’ve got to be a fan or you don’t get it and I am a big fan! I love this little trinket tray and it’s going to have pride of place on my dressing table.

Which one is your favourite? Or have you seen something else you’d like on the website?

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Our favourite Christmas traditions

We love Christmas traditions in our house. Over the years they may have changed or altered, for instance I sadly won’t be visiting my dad on Christmas/boxing day for the first time in my life, but mostly they stay the same.

  • The kids Christmas Eve boxes. Only the boys get one now and not all four but I still get the teenagers so hot chocolate
  • Watching a Christmas film cuddled on the sofa with snacks and a hot chocolate Christmas Eve.
  • Having a buffet on Christmas Eve.
  • We always leave out mince pie, milk and a carrot.
  • In December we have a traditional Christmas decoration hunt. We all bundle in the car with a cone of chips and search the streets to look for Christmas lights on houses.
  • Again in December we always choose a day to take the kids out and let them choose a gift for Tom and I a Christmas gift. Now we only take the two little ones because the teenagers have their own money.
  • We all wear cracker hats when eating our Christmas dinner

Do you have any traditions? I’d love to hear them 🙂

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Silent Sunday

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Saturday is Caption Day

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Weight Loss Journey- Week 32

Weight – remained (well gained in kg but it amounts to nothing in lbs)

Points- over lots

Feeling – I’m actually feeling really crappy. I’ve seriously got to shake myself and stop eating rubbish. Not just because I’m gaining weight but it also makes me feel awful. More tired, sluggish, no energy, low mood etc. Determined I need to start trying!

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Christmas gift ideas for teens

As soon as Christmas starts approaching I start getting the “What would *child’s name* like for Christmas” with the little ones you just have to mention their favourite show or character but as soon as they’re teenagers its so much harder because teenagers don’t say a lot. Getting what they would like for Christmas out of them is like getting blood from a stone! But I have found some items that will make even the moodiest of teens share a little smile.

  1. Food! Any kind of selection box or box of sweets will do but if its the only think you’re buying I would go with a hamper style. American Candy type ones are most popular.
  2. Gift vouchers. You can’t go wrong with a Amazon/Argos/New Look etc voucher because they can get what they would like themselves. Also if they have an Xbox or PlayStation you can get gift cards for them to spend on the online stores.
  3. A big bag of toiletries. This may seem like a boring one but they will use them and the parents will definitely be thankful. Teenagers go through so much toiletries in a month, you feel like buying them the shop wouldn’t be enough.
  4. Take a look in the shops and see what is popular right now I.e pugs, unicorns etc. Teenagers do tend to go with the trends.
  5. Check out their YouTube watch list and see who they watch. Most youtubers have merchandise to buy.
  6. Make an amazon wish list with their name on and ask them to add items to it so you can just pick and choose from the list.
  7. How about a lesson with Young Drivers they have vouchers available too. My two teens loved it!
  8. Swizzles sweets. They have so many different selections now like big tubs or bags or they tubes of certain ones so you can gift them their favourites.

That’s all I can think of now, do you have any suggestions?

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