Weight Watchers Journey – Week 4

Weight – 2lb gain

Points – 0 weekly points left

Feeling – So this week I was a little naughty with my food. I was within my points but with a lot of the wrong stuff. Basically really low on points with my meals, then ate rubbish with my points. Also I’ve had a few problems with going to the loo which has made me very bunged up so I’m trying to not be too disheartened with the gain. I’m back on it now and hoping for a loss next week.

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Giveaway and Review of CanvasChamp

I was recently asked if I’d like to review a canvas from CanvasChamp and as I love to fill my home with lots of photos, I instantly accepted.

A little about CanvasChamp-

We are CanvasChamp the leading canvas prints; Custom Canvas Prints, Personalised Photo Canvas Prints, Metal & Framed prints retailer and distributor in United Kingdom. We are London based company and our website is Google trusted. We are reputed organization as we are having large customers across the UK. We have more than 21000 customers’ positive ratings & reviews of our products and services. We have shipped 1m products and more counting, 94% users recommend us.

When I first went on the website the first thing I noticed were the prices. I was amazed at how low they were but then I started to worry that my review was going to be a bad one because surely the quality would be rubbish for such a low price.

But when it came I was pleasantly surprised. It’s so nice and really good quality. I will definitely be purchasing more.

The colour is amazing!

And it was so easy to create my canvas. I did it all on my phone and it took just a few minutes.

How would you like to win yourself an 10×8 canvas? All you have to do is enter my simple giveaway on Instagram, Good luck!

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Silent Sunday

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Saturday is Caption Day

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My Weight Watchers Journey – Week 3

Weight – 1lb loss

Points – I had 10 weekly points left

Feeling – This was the first week we all had the same dinner every night. Up to now I’ve been cooking separately and it’s been a big pain. But I searched lots and found some we could all enjoy (I’ve written some in a post) and it’s made it a lot easier. For the first time I treated myself to a takeaway (Chinese) and I was so proud that I didn’t go all out and just had a sensible portion (I also chose the healthiest option). I’m definitely finding the whole thing easier as the weeks go on. I’m a little annoyed that I’m only loosing 1lb a week but I know at least it’s a loss.

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Top 5 Weight Watcher Friendly Dinners

As you know I’ve only been following Weight Watchers for just over two weeks so I’m definitely no expert. But in that time I have spent many hours checking through the app what items of food are low-ish points so I can make breakfast, lunch and dinners from them. If it was me alone I was having to think of I wouldn’t be so fussed but as a family of 6 the last thing I want is to be cooking lots of separate meals so I wanted to have lots of ideas written down that were ;

  • Meals we could all eat together
  • I was getting enough and within points
  • The rest of the family don’t feel like they’re on WW too

As you can imagine it’s not the easiest of challenges but I think I’ve got a few now that fit the bill and I though I’d share them with you so you can maybe save yourself a lot of hassle 🙂 I don’t have photos because I haven’t been saving them I’ve just been adding them to my Instagram so if you take a look over there you will see a circle named food and you can see all my meals in there.

  1. Brinner (breakfast dinner). I had Tesco reduced fat sausages (2) 3sp, Scrambled egg 2sp (for milk), Bacon medallions (3) 1sp, Mushrooms and tomatoes 0sp
  2. My favourite Pasta dish. I cut out the olive oil (as its high in points), Bacon is around 1sp, Pasta varies from where it’s purchased 6-9sp
  3. Chicken stir fry. Chicken is 0sp, all veg is 0sp, soy sauce varies but not big on points.
  4. Hot dogs. Tin hot dogs are 1sp each, hot dog bun 5sp, spicy wedges 5sp (128g) salad 0sp
  5. One Tesco steak pie 11sp, 1/4 tin new potatoes 1sp, veg 0sp, gravy around 1-2sp (Bisto reduced salt)

So there is just a small selection of a mixed range you can have. The pie one seems a lot of points but if the rest of the day is low points wise you should be fine and it’s a filling dinner. Do you follow weight watchers? Any you’d add to my list?

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Silent Sunday

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Saturday is Caption Day

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Weight Watchers Journey – Week 2

Weight – 1lb Loss

Points – I have 14 Points of my weeklies left

Feeling – I struggled this week because I came on my period so wanted all the carbs. But I’m so proud of myself for not giving in. We even went for a day out on Monday where they had burgers, slush puppies, candle floss and ice cream but I resisted it all and ate my healthy picnic. I’m gutted it’s not a bigger loss but I was preparing myself for a low one or nothing because of my period bloating me up.

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My favourite Weight Watchers low point snacks

So I haven’t been following Weight Watchers very long but one thing I did straight away was to see what snacks I could have because the first week I found really tough. But having snacks that are treats made it a lot easier.

  • Cheetos Puffs – 2p
  • Walkers French Fries (from multipack, all flavours) 2p
  • 4 marshmallows – 3p
  • Meringue Nest – 3p
  • Chipsticks – 3p
  • Haribo Starmix mini bag – 2p
  • Seafood sticks – 1p per 2 sticks
  • Pepsi max – 0p
  • Space Raiders – 2p
  • Wall’s Solero Exotic – 5p
  • Smiths Snaps – 2p
  • Cadbury Giant Buttons (5) – 3p

That’s all the ones I have used so far. I’m sure I’ll come across more so when I do I’ll write another post.

Do you know anymore?

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