Silent Sunday 


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Saturday is caption day! 


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Valentines gifts with Snapfish


 I’m not a huge fan of he whole valentines day as I don’t like the commercial side of it. However I do celebrate it. I like the fact it’s one day you can have with your partner and celebrate your love for each other because sometimes life gets in the way of doing that. We buy each other a card and a gift but we don’t buy the heart balloon’s or chocolates that are everywhere, we buy each other something that we would for say a birthday. So when SnapFish got in touch asking if I would like to review something from their website, I said yes straight away because I have use them before and have never been disappointed and i love giving gifts that have a personal touch.

I was given a limit of £25 so could have chosen almost anything from their website but I went with a canvas because we have loads of photo’s around the house but none are of just Tom and I.

As you can see, the photo quality is not the greatest but that is not due t SnapFish, that is just the quality of the photo when it was taken. Before I ordered SnapFish warned me of the quality but I chose to go ahead anyway.


I chose this photo because I think it sums us up perfectly. We are not just partners, we’re best friends. We love each other, have lots of laughs and are by no means perfect but we’re happy :)

Other than the poor photo choice, the quality is really good. I have bought a canvas from them before years ago and that is still as lovely as when I first bought it so I have no doubt that this wont be the same.

I highly recommend them and if you’re still looking for the perfect gift, I would suggest SnapFish as they have a great selection on their website.


*We were given £25 to spend on the SnapFish website for the purpose of review but all words and opinions are my own.

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Silent Sunday 


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Sibling love! 

When we had Harry, the two teens (10 & 11 at the time) were supper excited so when he came, they fell in love with him. It was so lovely to see.

When we fell pregnant with Jack we had two teenagers that were not so excited this time and a toddler who had never experienced a new baby before so we were a little nervous. When Jack (peanut as Harry called him, and still does) he loved my bump but didn’t like talking about him coming out. And the two teens were honestly not really bothered. Not majorly upset, but not excited either.

But the day he came along and the kids came to visit us, they all instantly fell in love with him :) and now we’re home they fight over who’s turn it is to hold him! Harry regularly has little chats with him, telling him all about the things he can do with him when he’s a bit bigger.

It just melts my heart to watch them all and so pleased they all love our new bundle of joy :)


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My growing bump! 

When I fell pregnant with Jack I was adamant I wanted to keep a blog journal of my growing bump with photos and updates but sadly because I was so poorly I only got to 28 weeks and then I just couldn’t keep up any more. Now he’s here I am sad that I didn’t keep it up but nothing I can do now. I also stopped taking weekly photos of my bump because I kept forgetting :( But I did take some photo’s right up to the day before he was born and I am going to share them with you (not all because some were naked shots) I hated being pregnant but looking back at these photos, parts of me does miss it.


PicMonkey Collage

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Silent sunday


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Guest post from Living With The Mess

As I am having a baby this month, I have decided to give myself the month off :) But so people don’t forget I have a blog, I have some lovely blogs writing guest posts for me. Here Danielle from Living with the Mess gives us her 6 Ways To Eat A Chocolate Bar All By Yourself When You Have A Toddler :)


Now there’s a toddler around your food is NEVER your own. “I want some” is the third most common phrase you hear (after “Watch me!” and “My do it!”) So, if you want to eat all of that chocolate bar yourself, and seriously, you need it when your toddler spent the morning drawing on the wall, then you’re going to need to be creative about it. Here to help are my 6 ways to eat a chocolate bar all by yourself when you have a toddler!

1. Before they get up for the day

In the days before you had children, chocolate for breakfast was only reserved for Christmas, your birthday and maybe on holiday. Now, if you’re unlucky enough to be wide awake before they are, take the opportunity and scoff that Mars bar. It helps you work, rest and play right? Everything you’re going to do today (well maybe not rest, but hey you always hope!)
2. When Mr Tumble/Bloom/Maker* is on
CBeebies is a wondrous thing. It can literally buy you time to do stuff. And what stuff is more important than getting your chocolate hit for the day?!

3. While they’re in the buggy
My toddler insists on walking everywhere but sometimes I can convince her that a trip in the buggy would be good for her tired legs, and actually get her to see it as a treat, when really I’ve hidden a chocolate bar in the hood and can munch it without her noticing.

4. In the car
The success of this one depends on the positioning of the toddler’s car seat, thankfully she sits behind the driver’s seat in our car. It also requires you to develop silent unwrapping capabilities if you don’t want the Spanish inquisition about what you’re up to, but the time invested in learning this skill is well spent. Seriously. Hone that talent.

5. Behind the fridge door
If you’re a novice then you may need to break your chocolate into pieces and sneak a bit out each time you open the fridge. Experienced parents will be able to do it in one visit.

6. In the bathroom
This one is a bit gross, sorry. You understand I meant not actually while you’re on the loo, but a fake ‘Mummy’s just going for a quick wee’ after putting a Julia Donaldson book in their lap so they don’t follow you can do the trick. Or if on the loo is your only choice then really, I won’t judge you, we do what we’ve got to do!

Own up, you must have done one of these? Or maybe you have an even more creative way?

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Induction day! 

So it’s finally here! Induction day! I am so so so nervous. I have been induced with all my babies now so am pretty gutted too. 

Part of me is really excited and just can’t wait to meet him but the other half is terrified that it will be like my last induction. It was truly awful with Harry. 34 hours of pure hell! 

I was exactly 37 weeks with Harry but today I am 38+4 so that feels a little better, he is just that bit more ready. 

I so hope it goes smoother this time. I would obviously prefer to not be induced at all, especially as today is also my daughters 15th birthday, but I know it’s what’s best for us. I just hope that the first bit of induction works and I start labour and he comes quickly, safety and all is well. 

I will update you all when he is here. Wish me luck! 

P.s get ready for lots of baby spam :) 

(If you want to read Harry’s birth story, you can here

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Zoflora review 

I was recently sent some lovely disinfectants from Zaflora. We’ve used Zaflora before and loved it. It cleans perfectly and makes the house smell amazing. I was sent Warm Cinnamon and Springtime, both of which are new to me. I’m not usually a huge fan of cinnamon but this is a lovely winter sent and not too overpowering and the springtime one is just lovely. It will be so nice to use in the next few months. 

I am a huge fan of Zaflora and one reason is the 3 in 1 action above. Obviously I can’t possibly say if the first one is true but I believe it is and the next two definitely are as they have been proven by myself :) 

I highly recommend them! 
*I was sent these for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are my own. 

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