Top 5 Weight Watcher Friendly Dinners

I am still trying to lose a few pounds to fit into my wedding dress. I know a diet is not for everyone but the WW freestyle does work for me. I have spent many hours checking through the app what items of food are low-ish points so I can make breakfast, lunch and dinners from them. If it was me alone I was having to think of I wouldn’t be so fussed but as a family of 6 the last thing I want is to be cooking lots of separate meals so I wanted to have lots of ideas written down that were ;

  • Meals we could all eat together
  • I was getting enough and within points
  • The rest of the family don’t feel like they’re on WW too

As you can imagine it’s not the easiest of challenges but I think I’ve got a few now that fit the bill and I thought I’d share them with you so you can maybe save yourself a lot of hassle 🙂 I don’t have photos because I haven’t been saving them I’ve just been adding them to my Instagram so if you take a look over there you will see a highlight named food and you can see all my meals in there.

  1. Brinner (breakfast dinner). I had Tesco reduced fat sausages (2) 3sp, Scrambled egg 2sp (for milk), Bacon medallions (3) 1sp, Mushrooms and tomatoes 0sp
  2. My favourite Pasta dish. I cut out the olive oil (as its high in points), Bacon is around 1sp, Pasta varies from where it’s purchased 6-9sp
  3. Chicken stir fry. Chicken is 0sp, all veg is 0sp, soy sauce varies but not big on points.
  4. Hot dogs. Tin hot dogs are 1sp each, hot dog bun 5sp, spicy wedges 5sp (128g) salad 0sp
  5. One Tesco steak pie 11sp, 1/4 tin new potatoes 1sp, veg 0sp, gravy around 1-2sp (Bisto reduced salt)

So there is just a small selection of a mixed range you can have. The pie one seems a lot of points but if the rest of the day is low points wise you should be fine and it’s a filling dinner. Do you follow weight watchers? Any you’d add to my list?

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My Sunday Snapshot

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Saturday is Caption Day

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Happy Valentines Day

Hope you’re all having a lovely day. We just went small this year x

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Utility Room Renovation Before

So we currently have a really large utility room area. But it’s in an awful state. It’s basically a brick building attached to the house and can be accessed via the back door from the kitchen. It has a door at each end, one to the back garden, one to the front of the house. It’s a really great space but at the moment it’s cold and full of spiders and leaks (especially around the loo). None of us enjoy using it but it’s an area we can’t avoid because it’s the only way to get to the back garden and of course our fridge freezer, washing machine and dryer are in there. Also the loo is handy when you don’t want to go upstairs or someone is using the other one.

We have big plans for this area but it’s a big project that’s going to take months. One because our budget can’t do it all in one go and Tom has to do it in between work.

So here it is at the moment…

Told you it was awful. Stay tuned for an after coming your way soon (ish).

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Top 5 Weight watcher Friendly Breakfasts

Now that my wedding is approaching I am back on the weight watchers. I’ve only got a little way to go to reach my goal so I’m sure I can get their by then and with Easter just after I can have another little break 🙂

I find when I have a good breakfast it starts me on the right path because if I have a rubbish breakfast, I tend to carry that into the rest of the day.

So here are my top 5 breakfasts that are low in points but filling!


Two fried eggs using a few sprays of frylite and flipping them over 0sp

3 bacon medallions 1sp

Tinned tomatoes 0sp

Mushrooms using frylite spray 0sp



1 crumpet 3sp

Flora light 1sp

2 Bacon medallions 1sp

Scrambled egg 2sp (for milk)

= 7sp

3) Bowl of fruit

You can choose whatever fruit you like, pretty much all are 0sp

4) Breakfast Wrap

Weight Watchers Wrap 3sp

Hash brown 2sp

Fried egg with frylite 0sp

Bacon medallions 1sp

= 6sp

5) Egg and Soldiers

2 boiled eggs 0sp

Bacon medallions

(cut into soldiers) 1sp

= 1sp

And that’s my top 5. Do you have anymore I could add to my collection?

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My Sunday Snapshot

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Saturday is Caption Day

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Blippi Toys Review

So last week we were sent a very exciting package. When the boys saw the box their eyes nearly popped out of their heads!

I mean any Blippi fan receiving this box would! Jack can’t read yet but he knew what it was. If you have a Blippi fan in the house you will know all the songs (to be fair they are catchy) and will recognise the orange and blue colours.

So obviously the box was exciting but what was inside was even more exciting. Jazwares have brought out a whole new collection of Blippi toys and they can be found in SmythsToys, Tesco, Asda, Argos, Entertainer and Amazon in store or online.

We received…

  • Blippi Ball Pit Surprise (x4) – £3.99 each
  • Blippi Surprise Boxes (Learning Numbers) and (Learning Colours) – £9.99 each
  • Be Like Blippi Role Play – £11.99
  • My Buddy Blippi W/SFX – £17.99

I was going to try and give the positives and negatives to each item but honestly they loved every item and all items were both educational (maybe not the dress up) and well made.

It’s all really bright too. Both the just turned 4 year old and 7 year old loved it all so it’s for a good age range.

Jack loved the dress up (Harry is a bit too old) but he’s only worn the classes so far, he needs to be in the right mood to dress up. I like that it’s enough items to dress up as Blippi but easier to store away that the standard dress up.

Both boys loved opening the ball pit surprises (Harry is not in the photos as he had his school uniform on) each ball contains a little box with a card that has a different letter on and a different Blippi holding the item the letter starts with.

They loved the surprise boxes. Jack had the colours one of which had lots of different items inside. He loved telling me the different items and what colours they were.

Harry had the numbers one.

He loved these because he is a big maths fan and some were not obvious which made it extra fun. For instance the pizza was in number 9 but there were 8 slices. We finally worked out that it had 18 pieces of pepperoni and 2 x 9 = 18.

Last but not least was the Blippi Doll with a/sfx this was Jacks favourite of all the items. He loves that it talks to him. He decided to pop all of his stickers (that he got from the surprise boxes) onto his doll.

Does your child/ren love Blippi? What’s your favourite item?

*We were sent all this items for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are honest and my own.

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Easy Weight Watchers Friendly Stir Fry

Since starting weight watchers I have tried to still stick with eating with the family but sometimes they just really want a meal that is not weight watchers friendly so I looked for something I could make very quickly and tasted great so it wasn’t such a hassle. I discovered chicken stir fry. I love it and could eat it everyday. I haven’t followed any recipes, I just made it up. I don’t claim to be an amazing chef so it may not be to your taste.

  1. Either spray some healthy oil or add a little olive oil (I prefer this) to a wok
  2. Crush/chop some garlic in
  3. Add diced chicken (or any meat) I usually have no meat in because it still tastes nice and is quicker.
  4. Cook until all meat is cooked
  5. Add a bag of stir fry veg (I prefer the Tesco mushroom one)
  6. Just before ready to serve add half a pack of Tesco fresh egg noodles
  7. Add a few tablespoons of Light Soy Sauce (it varies every time)
  8. Serve.

Olive Oil – 2 points

Garlic – 0 points

Chicken – 0 points

Veg – 0 points

Noodles – 6 points

Soy Sauce – 1-2 points

= 9 points or 3 points with no noodles

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