Christmas Ready with Femme Luxe

At this time of year all the parties and meals out invites come flooding in. Not for me much anymore because my diary is full of nativities and visits to Santa with the younger two but my daughter is at the perfect age to get all the invites and have an amazing social life. But with that comes the need for lots of lovely new outfits! The people at Femme Luxe got in touch and asked if we’d like to work with them and when I mentioned it to her, her eyes almost popped out of her head! And it didn’t take long to start ordering some items because she had already been looking on the site and picked things she liked (virtually the entire site)

We eventually ordered;

Black Chain Print Belted Satin Shirt Mini Dress

Camel Waterfall Duster Belted Long Coat

Black Loungewear Tracksuit Set-Maria

Black Faux Leather Bodycon Mini Dress – Jameie

Everyone needs a little black dress (LBD) in their wardrobe whatever the time of year. It’s a perfect go-to outfit when you’re unsure and looks good with any accessories you have. Courtney found this perfect one which she looks amazing in!

And for those meals out when you want to look amazing but not too overdressed and obviously it needs to be comfy for all the food you’re about to consume. If you don’t say “f**k it it’s Christmas” at least once, then you’re not doing Christmas properly! Courtney picked this lovely satin shirt style dress. Really on trend but comfortable. Again she looks amazing!

And because she’s clever, she also chose a lovely tracksuit for those days when you don’t quite feel yourself after a few too many drinks or a little too much of “f**k it it’s Christmas” or a day when you actually don’t have anything on and you want to relax at home wrapping presents. She even made the tracksuit look great!

And as it is winter she obviously needed a coat to wear with all these outfits because as much as you don’t feel the cold after a few drinks, your body will and no one wants to get ill in the run up to Christmas. They had a great selection but she decided on this camel colour, waterfall style long coat. It’s such a classic style and goes with everything!

I think she looks great in all of the items but as Courtney has to wear them she is better placed to give you her opinion. So I’ve added Courtney’s thoughts on each item below.

Black Faux Leather Bodycon Mini Dress – Jameie

“I love this dress. It fits my body perfectly and is so soft and comfortable. It’s actually quite stretchy but doesn’t look it”

Black Chain Print Belted Satin Shirt Mini Dress – Rio

“This is the comfiest dress I have ever worn. I love the pattern and the style. And how I can cinch it in at the waist for a more flattering look. It’s definitely my favourite”

Black Loungewear Tracksuit Set-Maria

“This tracksuit is so so soft and comfortable. When it first arrived it looked super see through but as you can see, it isn’t. I am now going to live in it”

Camel Waterfall Duster Belted Long Coat

“I love this coat! I can’t normally get away with long coats being so small but this is the perfect length. And as a plus, it goes with everything!”

Have you visited Femme Luxe lately? What is your favourite party outfit? All the items on the website are on trend, great quality and beat of all, budget friendly prices.

*We were sent this items for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are honest and my own.

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My Sunday Snapshot

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Saturday is Caption Day

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Superzings review

Do your kids love collecting? My kids absolutely love collectibles. Their new favourites are Superzings, the everyday objects that transform into superheroes or supervillains! We were recently asked if we’d like to review some of the collection and as we already some and love them, we obviously said yes. Well what we received made the kids squeal with delight!

They couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Jack’s favourite was the Rivals of Kaboom Monster Roller

Harry just loved it all. We also received the Towers of Kaboom Tower Assault, Towers of Kaboom Lab Attack Playset and 10 single packs.

We already have about 30 superzings so we were expecting lots of doubles but were super pleased that we only got 2.

The boys have non stop played with them since receiving them that they have not been put in their toy boxes, it’s all stayed in the front room.

I love watching them play with it all and seeing their imaginations running wild. They make up some great stories

As there are so many direct sets they make perfect Christmas gifts and the single packs are great stocking fillers. We’re going to add a few to their Christmas Eve boxes and they have added more sets on their lists.

*We were sent these toys in exchange for a review but all words and opinions are my own and honest.

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Christmas has arrived

So we now have all our Christmas decorations up, they have been for a week now. I thought I’d share them with you 🙂 We have 3 trees this year. Our big main one, a white one in the dining room and my Disney tree in the hallway. I haven’t got everything we have out this year, I just didn’t want to this year. I still have lots out though.

Have you got your decorations up yet? If not, when do you put them up?

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My Sunday Snapshot

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Saturday is Caption Day

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Our favourite family Christmas films on Netflix

We love watching Christmas films all through December and even some in November. We have our favourites obviously but we also like finding new ones and a good place for that is Netflix. We have already watched lots of films so thought I’d share some with you because it’s not always easy to find them on there.

1) Klaus. This is a new one for this year and it is lovely. Such a sweet idea and made me shed a few tears.

2) The Christmas Chronicles. This was new last year or maybe the year before and we love it! It’s so funny and also has a touching storyline.

3) Get Santa. I watched this a few years ago but it was new to Tom and the kids a couple of weeks ago and they loved it. Really funny and silly.

4) Nativity. We have watched this film so many times but both Harry (7) and Jack (3) love it! They also like number 2 but this one is their favourite.

5) Arthur Christmas. This is a firm favourite and a must watch every year. It just has everything and still makes me cry when they all watch Gwen open the present.

6) How The Grinch Stole Christmas. This is the kids (teens and little ones) number 1 favourite Christmas film and gets watched ALOT. It is a good one though.

7) Elliot the Littlest Reindeer. This one Jack couldn’t get into but Harry and myself liked it. It’s not going to ever become a favourite it was a good watch.

8) Bob’s Broken Sleigh. Again Jack didn’t sit through the whole film but he did watch at least half, but Harry and myself liked it. I think we will be one we watch every year.

What would you add to the list? Spotted any new ones?

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5 in 1 Outdoor Measure Mate From Learning Resources

My boys love the outdoors and can be found out there most days, even in winter. Outdoors is their happy place, so when we were asked to review this 5 in 1 outdoor measure mate I knew the boys would love it! Sadly Harry hasn’t had much time to try it out with school and football and other activities but one day when we don’t have something on, I know he’ll be outside testing it out.

Harry hasn’t had a chance with it but Jack has as he only goes preschool 9-12 and he loved it!

When we took it out of the box we saw it all came folded it in a handy little bag, this will be perfect for taking out and about

Before we made it up he wanted to start measuring things.

He had no idea how much everything was but this will be perfect for Harry.

Then we made it up and he couldn’t wait to start using it.

He loves this and once we explained that every click it made was 1 metre he couldn’t stop counting and wanted to see how far he could go from one thing to the next.

This versatile tool is the perfect way to introduce the concept of measurement to young learners in an outdoor setting. 

  • The brightly coloured Measure-Mate™ is perfect for non-standard measuring or the introduction of standard units
  • Its robust build means it will cope with vigorous use in rough terrain and all components fit into a handy mesh bag
  • Enhance the fun and customise the Measure-Mate with whimsical stickers 
  • Young learners can have fun exploring and measuring the natural landscape using five different tools:
    • Vertical measure – to measure freestanding objects 
    • Callipers – to measure internal and external dimensions of an object 
    • Trundle wheel – to measure distances (1 click = 1 metre)
    • Spirit level – to discover whether a surface is level (horizontal) or plumb (vertical)
    • Measuring stick – to be used as a ruler 
  • 7-piece set includes:
    • 2 x Calliper Jaws 
    • Trundle wheel assembly featuring bird footprint tread 
    • Handle/base
    • Measuring stick showing centimetres and inches 
    • Sheet of colourful stickers 
    • Mesh storage bag

Such a great item for children and is perfect whatever the weather.

*we were gifted this item in return for an honest review.

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My Sunday Snapshot

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