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It’s funny that Courtney moans about her bedroom. The size, decor, furniture etc yet still would rather sit in there every second she’s not at school or out! I know some parents that are happy to let their kids spend all day out their hair but I would rather the kids spent some family time with us. We have dinner at the table together every night and swap stories of our day because I think that’s important. And the kids enjoy it too. So why do they insist on spending so much time in their room? We have a battle every day to keep Courtney downstairs. It’s the same lines “I’m cleaning my room” (yet it always looks a tip) and “I’ve got homework to do” which of course we want her to do, but it doesn’t take hours upon hours! The thing that makes me most sad is Harry calls for Courtney and Jordan all day they are at school but when they come home, it’s straight to their rooms! It’s now got to the point that when they do want to play with him, he’s not interested and just cries for Tom or I! It’s not that they don’t love him because they do, it just seems like a chore to play with him, which is very sad 🙁

Its not even like they have much in their rooms. They don’t have Tv’s, game consoles, computers, nothing like that. (I don’t think children need any of these things in their rooms)

How do you keep your pre-teens out their rooms?

P.s the picture above is what prompted me to write this post. I found it on Courtney’s bedroom door! It reads…..


I’m growing up and don’t always wanna be downstairs. Stop telling me to come downstairs. Go away and stop annoying me.

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